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This topic contains packages with (or -alike) typesetting engine.

Extended .
A typesetting system inspired by .
for Atari machines.
A extension that translates input on its way into .
An extended version of , from the NTS project.
A extension writing HINT output for on-screen reading.
Support files for Hi.
A Java implementation of .
The current state of Knuth's contributions.
A PostScript translator for a subset of .
An alternative typesetting system.
The Lua engine.
The ML system.
New Typesetting System.
A wide-character-set extension of .
A version of for which Oriental languages are native.
A localized Persian and bidirectional extension of .
A extension for direct creation of PDF.
pdf designed to run with Oz.
A system for publishing in Japanese.
A sophisticated typesetting engine.
Proposals for extensions to .
A collection of change files for a system based on Free Pascal.
A collection of change files for a system based on GNU Pascal.
Bidirectional extension of .
Make a new executable with format loaded.
Unicode version of p.
system and PDF support for Linux and OS/2.
An extended variant of for use with Unicode sources.
A bi-directional version of .
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