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This topic contains packages for exams, quizzes, etc.

Scripts to create interactive tests from a database.
Multiple choice questionnaires in two column tables.
document shell for ANU final exam.
Typeset an examination at Bangor University.
An exam class for mathematics teachers in China.
A class file to typeset exams.
A Lua package for creating cloze texts.
Track skills of classroom checks.
Electronic flash cards.
Convert a quiz to one submitted to a server-side script.
A stand-alone exam package.
Match Biblical passages with verse references in a quiz.
Add PIN security to the “Correct” button of a quiz created by exerquiz.
Save exerquiz quizzes and resume.
Typeset exams with scrambled questions and answers.
Package for typesetting exam scripts.
Process exam questions and answers ( 2.09).
class for typesetting exams.
Quicker preparation of exams in .
Exam class, focused on collaborative authoring.
Randomize mc choices using the exam class.
Typeset exam questions.
Randomized exams with multiple versions.
template for Chinese exams.
Creating and managing exercises, and reusing them as composed sets.
Environments for defining exercises and quizzes.
Typesetting exercise or exam sheets.
Framework for exercise problems.
Create exercise sheets and exams.
Exam class for Hefei University of Technology (China).
Generate documents with and without answers by toggling a switch.
Exam class for Jinan University.
A document style to produce homework, quiz and exam papers.
Multiple-guess tests.
Package for typesetting exams.
Create randomized Multiple Choice questions.
Extract solutions from exercises and quizzes.
Generating Moodle quizzes via .
package for multiple-choice questions.
A class for making multiple choice questionnaires.
Prepare questions for socrative quizzes.
Create quizzes like in TV shows.
Make an exam paper and its randomized variants.
Draw a “question wheel” (roue de questions).
Various layout styles for school documents.
support files for SDAPS.
Package for typesetting arabic exam scripts.
Create proficiency tests.
Typeset Austrian SRDP in mathematics.
Assessment based on Acro quizzes.
A parametric questions’ repositories framework.
Provide "turn page" instructions.
Course texts, master theses, and exams in University of Antwerp style.
Typeset (Italian high school) exercises.
A package to typeset (Italian) high school tests.
Document classes for Vaxjo University.
Write interactive web based quizzes.
Easy creation of worksheets.
eXercise Sheets IMproved.
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