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Editor extensions

This topic contains packages with plug-ins for editors, for better and Meta* support.

Emacs support files for .
Maintain a Ghostscript view of emacs buffer.
support for the brief editor.
Editor plugin for , Cont etc.
database manager for GNU Emacs.
Self-descriptions in file headers.
Display accented letters in GNU Emacs.
Interactive editor.
Jörg's Mode - an advanced mode for Jed.
A much enhanced mode for the Jed editor.
Emacs mode for /post.
MicroEmacs for Windows interface.
The -Mode is a set of macros for the NEdit text editor.
Cont plugin for Notepad++.
in em IDE/FrontEnd for EPM.
Preview equations in Emacs.
Edit doc.sty and normal files with GNU Emacs.
Language Server.
plugin for Eclipse.
Input Unicode characters in notation, in emacs.
An emacs mode with "lightning completion'.
Ready-to-use Emacs and Auc for Windows.
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