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This topic contains packages with macros to build a format.

A system for writing in Armenian with and .
Definitive source of Plain on CTAN.
A document preparation system.
The Cont macro package.
support for Czech/Slovak typesetting.
Plain multilanguage support.
Extended plain macros.
Process XSL-FO.
A restricted system that also produces HTML.
Extended Plain for use with ML.
3 programming conventions.
Development pre-release of l3kernel.
A merge of the best in AMS- and .
A macro package that defines .
Old, unsupported, .
Base sources of .
Development pre-release of the kernel.
First aid for external files and packages that need updating.
Development pre-release of the firstaid package.
laboratory: Development pre-release.
release emulation.
made easy.
Polish formats for .
A modern plain format for the Lua engine.
support for ML.
Make a format containing a document’s preamble.
Build a format based on the preamble of a file.
Lua format based on Plain and OPmac.
The PHYSE format.
A format for physicists.
The Plain format.
p and miscellaneous macros for p.
A format for physics papers.
Plain format for p and e-p.
An XML-inspired format for student use.
An infrastructure for semantic preloading of documents.
Texinfo documentation system.
Current releases of texinfo.tex and texi2dvi.
Plain macros for Physicists.
format from Washington State University.
Unpacked copy of the sources.
p and miscellaneous macros for up.
Plain formats and documents for up.
Tools to produce formats that read Polish language input.
Macro package developed at MIT.
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