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This topic contains packages with mechanisms for drawing trees.

Macros for drawing adpositional trees.
Trees, using PiCTeX.
Drawing binary trees using TikZ.
Macros to typeset parsing trees.
Display trees in the style of windows explorer.
Derivation trees with .
Construct Dynkin tree diagrams.
Trees using epic and eepic macros.
Draw labelled trees, using em \specials.
Macros for producing trees.
Draw family trees.
Drawing (linguistic) trees.
Linguistic trees with a preprocessor.
Drawing binary Huffman trees with and METAOBJ.
Draw Game Trees with TikZ.
Linguistics trees preprocessor and macros.
Format linguists' examples.
Macros for building proof trees.
Macros for building proof trees.
Forest-based proof trees (symbolic logic).
Typeset complex trees for linguists.
Simple syntax for trees.
Construct linguistics trees using a preprocessor.
Trees, using PSTricks.
Draw trees with more than one root node, using PSTricks.
macros for typesetting trees.
Draw tree structures.
Linguistic tree diagrams for Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) with .
Labels for tracing in a syntax tree.
Typeset syntactic trees.
A library for drawing dependency graphs.
Use existing qtree syntax for trees in TikZ.
Draw Bernoulli trees with TikZ.
A German translation of the documentation of pst-jtree.
Macros to typeset trees in Plain .
Trees and other linguists' macros.
Tree macros.
Draw horizontally- or vertically-oriented trees.
Draw trees.
Miscellaneous macros by Peter Williams.
Draw Warnier/Orr diagrams.
Draw syntactic trees, etc., for linguistics literature, using xy-pic.
Tree macros using XY-Pic.
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