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This topic con­tains pack­ages with mech­a­nisms for draw­ing trees.

Macros for draw­ing ad­po­si­tional trees
Trees, us­ing PiCTeX
Draw­ing bi­nary trees us­ing TikZ
Macros to type­set pars­ing trees
Dis­play trees in the style of win­dows ex­plorer
Deriva­tion trees with
Con­struct Dynkin tree di­a­grams
Trees us­ing epic and eepic macros
Draw la­belled trees, us­ing em \spe­cials
Macros for pro­duc­ing trees
Draw­ing (lin­guis­tic) trees
Lin­guis­tic trees with a pre­pro­ces­sor
Draw­ing Game Trees with TikZ
Lin­guis­tics trees pre­pro­ces­sor and macros
For­mat lin­guists' ex­am­ples
Macros for build­ing proof trees
Macros for build­ing proof trees
For­est-based proof trees (sym­bolic logic)
Type­set com­plex trees for lin­guists
Sim­ple syn­tax for trees
Con­struct lin­guis­tics trees us­ing a pre­pro­ces­sor
Trees, us­ing PSTricks
Draw trees with more than one root node, us­ing PSTricks
macros for type­set­ting trees
Draw tree struc­tures
Lin­guis­tic tree di­a­grams for Role and Ref­er­ence Gram­mar (RRG) with
La­bels for trac­ing in a syn­tax tree
Type­set syn­tac­tic trees
A li­brary for draw­ing de­pen­dency graphs
Use ex­ist­ing qtree syn­tax for trees in TikZ
A Ger­man trans­la­tion of the doc­u­men­ta­tion of pst-jtree
Macros to type­set trees in Plain
Trees and other lin­guists' macros
Tree macros
Draw hor­i­zon­tally- or ver­ti­cally-ori­ented trees
Draw trees
Mis­cel­la­neous macros by Peter Wil­liams
Draw Warnier/Orr di­a­grams
Draw syn­tac­tic trees, etc., for lin­guis­tics lit­er­a­ture, us­ing xy-pic
Tree macros us­ing XY-Pic
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