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Label and References

This topic contains packages with label and reference systems.

Number equations by appendix.
Automatic equation references.
Format bible citations.
A patch for the label-checking code.
Automated creation of numeric entity labels.
Intelligent cross-referencing.
Forward-referencing functionality for cleveref.
Adds forward-referencing functionality to the cleveref package.
Reference items in a theorem environment.
Cross referencing with proper definite articles and declensions.
Smart typesetting of enumerated cross-references for various formats.
Crossreferences within documents.
Expandable extraction of cleveref data.
Manage references to experimental data.
Flexible numbering of equations.
Equation, figure (etc.) numbering and referencing.
Extended references to items for enumitem package.
Complex labelling with .
A package for fancy cross-referencing.
Alter the format of \label references.
References to ranges of footnotes.
A package for referencing groups of pages that share something in common.
Assign equation numbers to inline equations.
Produce external links instead of internal ones.
Displaying, hyperlinking, and indexing notions in a document.
Check the existence of labels, and fork accordingly.
Identify labels which cause endless “may have changed” warnings.
List names of labels in a document.
Reference last page for Page N of M type footers.
Creates a list of all labels used throughout a document.
Customisation of cross-references in .
Make reference to section names, etc.
Print a block of code, with unique index number.
Flexible and configurable page range typesetting.
Labels and references in Plain .
Variants of last page labels.
Cross references for named and numbered environments.
Make label references "self-identify".
Check references (in figures, table, equations, etc).
Counter operations with label references.
Define named items and provide back-references with that name.
Advanced formatting of cross references.
Safer references through strong typing of references.
Number theorems by section.
Show label, ref, cite and bib keys.
Show label commands in the margin.
Extend 's \ref capability.
Sub-number counters.
Label any kind of term with a continuous counter.
Find cross-references in a file.
References with automatic theorem names.
A "\titleref" command to cross-reference section titles.
Count pages in a document, and report last page number.
Eliminate errors by enforcing the types of labels.
Override existing labels.
Ensure references are upright.
Modified backref.
Intelligent page references.
Extend ’s cross-reference system.
References to other documents.
Inter-document hyper-references.
A new reference scheme for .
Flexible cross-references with contextual checks based on zref.
Clever cross-references based on zref.
Extended page cross-references with varioref and zref-clever.
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