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This topic con­tains pack­ages for graph­ics pro­duced by one of the * en­gines.

The pic­ture mode, for use with Plain
Feyn­man di­a­grams in a doc­u­ment
Feyn­man di­a­grams in a doc­u­ment
Trees, us­ing PiCTeX
Sup­port for Bezier curves
Draw­ing bi­nary trees us­ing TikZ
Con­vert a bitmap im­age to code
Eepic fa­cil­i­ties us­ing pic­t2e
A util­ity for OO pro­gram­ming doc­u­men­ta­tion
Draw carte­sian co­or­di­nate sys­tems
Ex­ten­sions for pack­age pic­t2e
Curves for pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment
A di­a­gram draw­ing pack­age
Di­a­gram macros, us­ing pic­t2e
Gen­eral draw­ing macros
De­vice in­de­pen­dent pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment en­hance­ment
Ex­ten­sions to epic and the draw­ing tools
pack­age for type­set­ting ex­ten­sive games
En­hance pic­ture mode
Di­a­grams con­sist­ing of boxes, lines, and an­no­ta­tions
Flow di­a­grams in 2.09
Full page pic­tures
Graphs and Au­tomata Sim­pli­fied in
An im­ple­men­ta­tion of Hobby’s al­go­rithm for PGF/TikZ
La­bel di­a­grams pro­duced in
PDF draw­ing di­rectly in doc­u­ments
CAD ori­ented draw­ing pro­gram
Al­phanu­mer­i­cal LCD-style dis­plays
Cir­cuit sym­bols for use in pic­ture mode
Draw log­a­rith­mic co­or­di­nate sys­tems
Use Lua's built-in in­ter­preter
Draw /post pic­tures from com­mands
Mul­ti­ple boxes and frames for the pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment
Create PostScript and PDF graph­ics in
A pic­ture mode in Plain
New im­ple­men­ta­tion of pic­ture com­mands
Pic­ture draw­ing macros for and
Adds rel­a­tive co­or­di­nates and im­proves the \plot com­mand
Au­to­matic com­pu­ta­tion of bound­ing boxes with PiCTeX
A patched ver­sion of PiCTeX us­ing fewer reg­is­ters
Poor man's box draw­ing char­ac­ters
"Poor man's" graph­ics
PostScript pic­ture sup­port
Nodes and node con­nec­tions in PSTricks
A col­lec­tion of add-ons and bug­fixes for PSTricks
PostScript macros for
pst-shell: plot­ting sea shells
Draw­ing hy­potro­choids as with a spiro­graph
Macros to gen­er­ate quan­tum ciruits
Ran­dom walks us­ing TikZ
A TikZ li­brary for straight-edge and com­pass di­a­grams
Draw­ing sparklines: in­tense, sim­ple, word­like graph­ics
Macros to type­set sim­ple bitmaps with
Draw tan­gles, trees, Hopf al­ge­bra op­er­a­tions and other pic­tures
Graph­i­cal macros, us­ing em­bed­ded PostScript
Create draw­ings for
Use tpic spe­cial com­mands in PiCTeX
Create com­mu­ta­tive di­a­grams with TikZ
A li­brary for draw­ing op­ti­cal se­tups with TikZ
Visual help for PSTricks based on im­ages with min­i­mum text
Visual help for TikZ based on im­ages with min­i­mum text
Run­ning PSTricks un­der
Ex­ten­sions of pic­ture draw­ing
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