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Font processor

This topic contains packages to process fonts for use with (includes installation).

AFM to AFM plus Composites.
Create a VF for the accents used in Czech/Slovak.
Utilities to derive new fonts from existing ones.
Convert AFM files to PLs for use with dvitops.
An early converter from AFM to PL.
Unix utilities for translating AFM files to PL.
An installation script for Corel Ventura fonts.
Tools for installing Type 1 fonts in MiK.
A full-featured font rasterizer library.
Run to produce the bitmap fonts.
A bash script for installing a font family.
Utility to process p-extended TFM and VF.
Lithuanian language support.
Merge font families to create mathematical font sets.
A system for specifying fonts.
Modification of to produce PostScript output.
Convert stylized to PostScript Type 1.
Create Adobe Type 3 fonts.
A jiffy Multiple Master tool.
Font metrics for multiple-master font.
Create instance of multiple-master font.
Multiple master fonts tools.
Install Type 1 for use with Omega.
OpenType to Woff converter.
Install OpenType fonts for use in / systems.
Convert PBM images to GF font files.
Conversion between PBM and PK formats.
AFM generator for Adobe Type 1 fonts.
Convert PFM files to AFM, and vice versa.
Make files from Adobe Type 1 files.
Generate a PK font from an Adobe Type 1 font.
Convert Adobe Type 1 fonts to .
Convert Adobe Type 1 fonts to , MS-DOS version.
Tools for creating a distribution of font metrics.
Make EPS work with both /dvips and pdf.
Quick and dirty virtual font creation.
Ruby font installer library.
Manage the "soft fonts" in a LaserWriter printer.
A C++ library for subsetting PostScript Type 1 fonts.
An installer of PostScript fonts for .
Generate a Type 42 font from a TrueType font.
Convert True Type fonts to .
Make an Adobe Type 1 version of a TrueType font.
Convert TrueType fonts to Adobe Type 1 format.
Convert True Type fonts to GF format.
VF author support.
Virtual font installation support.
Manipulate (virtual) property lists.
Woff to OpenType converter.
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