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This topic contains packages with work done for the project to upgrade .

Utilities based on 3.
Expandable token list operations.
Wrapper package for experimental 3.
thesis template for Fudan University.
Provide an intuitive functional programming interface for 2.
Print dates according to the classical Latin calendar.
3 backend drivers.
3 backend drivers (dev).
Strip documentation in 3 source.
Experimental 3 concepts.
3 programming conventions.
Development pre-release of l3kernel.
option processing using 3 keys.
High-level 3 concepts.
Regular expression facilities for .
Early publications of the project.
thesis template for Nanjing University.
Model format creation files.
Unicode data and loaders for .
Define commands with many optional arguments.
Rich boxed material for 3.
Interface to the 3 floating point unit.
Split-level fractions.
Control text feeding onto the page.
A generic document command parser.
A high-level interface for declaring document commands.
Chinese dummy text.
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