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This topic contains packages with work done for the project to upgrade .

Utilities built around expl3.
Expandable token list operations.
Wrapper package for experimental 3.
thesis template for Fudan University.
Print dates according to the classical Latin calendar.
3 backend drivers.
Strip documentation in 3 source.
Experimental 3 concepts.
3 programming conventions.
option processing using 3 keys.
High-level 3 concepts.
Regular expression facilities for .
Early publications of the project.
thesis template for Nanjing University.
Model format creation files.
Unicode data and loaders for .
Define commands with many optional arguments.
Rich boxed material for 3.
Interface to the 3 floating point unit.
Split-level fractions in *.
Control text feeding onto the page.
A generic document command parser.
A high-level interface for declaring document commands.
Chinese dummy text.
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