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This topic con­tains pack­ages with sup­port for type­set­ting French.

Ba­bel con­tributed sup­port for French
French trans­la­tion of clas­si­cal BibTeX styles
Bib style for the École na­tionale des chartes (Paris)
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy and ci­ta­tion styles fol­low­ing Swiss le­gal prac­tice
Sup­port for writ­ing French in Cont
Doc­u­ment class and bib­li­o­graphic style for French law
Com­pre­hen­sive sup­port for French-lan­guage type­set­ting
Cur­ricu­lum vi­tae for French use
Al­low hy­phen­ation of par­tially-em­pha­sised sub­strings
Bi­b­li­ogra­phies con­form­ing to French ty­po­graphic stan­dards
French macros, us­able stand-alone or with Ba­bel
Im­ple­ment French-style spac­ing at punc­tu­a­tion
Pro­fes­sional type­set­ting of French doc­u­ments
Make some­thing like guillemets
French hy­phen­ation pat­terns
French lan­guage mod­ule for glos­saries pack­age
Bun­dle of classes for “La Gazette des Mathé­mati­ciens”
Let­ters and faxes in French
Math­e­mat­ics in ac­cord with French us­age
Spelling car­di­nal and or­di­nal num­bers
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy style for French the­ses
Th­e­sis class and tem­plates for Univer­sité Laval
A class for writ­ing a the­sis fol­low­ing French rules
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