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This topic contains packages with footnote support.

Annotation symbols enclosed in square brackets and marked with an asterisk.
Footnotes for critical editions.
Chicago-style footnote formatting.
Typeset long legal footnotes.
Double-column footnotes.
Critical annotations to footnotes with ednotes.
Multiple use of the same footnote text.
Convert footnotes to endnotes.
Warn for split footnotes.
Number the lines of footnotes.
Auto-numbered footnotes in Plain .
Footnotes in paragraphs.
Footnotes in paragraphs.
Manage footnote marks’ interaction with punctuation.
Control the position of footnotes on the page.
A range of footnote options.
A range of footnote options.
Improve on 's footnote handling.
Back-references from footnotes.
A hyperref aware footnote environment.
References to ranges of footnotes.
Per-page numbering of footnotes.
footnotes anywhere.
Footnotes in two column documents in one column only.
Extend the applicability of the \footnote command.
Adds footnote levels to standard ’s footnote mechanism.
Miscellaneous tools by Mark Wooding.
Multiple numbers for the same footnote.
User-generated footnote marks.
"No number" footnotes.
Footnote-style bibliographical references.
Commands for Proceedings of the Workshop on Open-Source Design Automation.
Footnote numbering per page.
Separate color stack for footnotes with pdf.
Number footnotes per page.
Save name of the footnote mark for reuse.
Support footnotes and endnotes from separate files.
Addressing various spacing issues.
Commands to control the presentation of floats.
Permit footnotes in tables.
A German translation of the documentation of footmisc.
A bundle of miscellaneous footnote packages.
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