CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Takayuki Yato

BX bundle base components
Extend the functionality of the calc package
Typeset Japanese with pdf and CJK
Dvipdfmx extras for use with beamer
Enables specifying a driver option effective only in DVI output
Eepic facilities using pict2e
Enclose the document body with some pieces of code
Dummy text in Japanese
Adjust the position of parentheses at paragraph head
Convert Japanese character code to Unicode
Japanese document class collection for all major engines
Enhanced \newfont command
To retain the original caption names when using Babel
Synchronize output paper size with layout paper size
Specify version and compression level of output PDF files
Additional -family logos
Convert dates from Gregorian to Japanese calender
Check if the engine is p or one of its derivatives
IPAex fonts converted to Type-1 format Unicode subfonts
Utility to process p-extended TFM and VF
Tools for use with (u)p
Japanese font setup for p and up
interface for the CJK category codes of up
Hyperref support for p
Help change metrics of fonts from japanese-otf
e-p driver for PGF inter-picture connections
Ruby annotations according to JIS X 4051
Emulate non-Unicode Japanese fonts using Unicode fonts
Fallback CJK font support for xeCJK
Set up Japanese font families for XeLaTeX
Standard conforming typesetting of Japanese, for XeLaTeX
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