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Boris Veytsman

Class for typesetting publications of ACM
Adjusting margins for multicolumn and single column output
Adobe Caslon font in
Typesetting articles for Archives of Forensic Psychology
A class for Amnesty International
Typeset articles for the Annals of Mathematics
Open Type font by Andrij Shevchenko
A package to produce lists of authors’ best papers
Perl Libraries
Upright punctuation with CM slanted
Upright punctuation with CM italic
Commented editions with
Scripts for working with crossref.org
support for the divine font
Metrics and support for Dogma Font From Emigre Graphics
Addresses on envelopes or mailing labels
Style for Reports by US Army Corps of Engineers
Style for Munitions Management Project Reports
Fit graphics on a page
Interface between foiltex and 2HTML
Metrics and support for Futura Fonts From Adobe As Used By No Starch Press
Alternative unslanted italic Computer Modern fonts
Class for the Israel Journal of Mathematics
Support files for the Monotype Imprint Shadow fonts
Produce external links instead of internal ones
support for scaled Iwona math fonts
Expanded Times Roman fonts
Support files for the Linotype Sabon fonts
Support for Microsoft Georgia and ITC Franklin Gothic
Upright digits in Adobe Utopia Italic
Several versions of output from the same source
Multiple versions of a bibliography, with different sort orders
Metrics and support for ITC New Baskerville Font From Adobe
Multiple versions of a bibliography, with different sort orders
Produce lists of symbols as in nomenclature
class for No Starch Press
Support for Adobe Caslon Open Face
Generate pedigree files from CSV files
Typesetting articles for "Philosophers' Imprint"
Draw medical pedigrees using PSTricks
Print raw Russian text
Typeset articles for the journal Res Philosophica
Relative Viewport for Graphics Inclusion
Format papers for the annual meeting of EEGS
Split long sequences of characters in a neutral way
A tool for redacting sources
Accessibility Conformance Report
Metrics and support for Sans Mono Condensed Font
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