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This topic contains packages to format numbers, etc.

Convert numbers to letters.
Read a lower-case roman number.
Convert numbers into binary, octal and hexadecimal.
Display list item counter as regular pattern of bullets.
Typeset circled numbers.
A different way to read counters.
Formats a number by inserting commas.
Write numbers as cyrillic glyphs.
Comma for decimal numbers.
Align columns on a decimal point.
Commands for dimensionless numbers.
Typeset documents using base twelve numbering (also called “dozenal”).
Converts numbers to English ordinal numbers.
Typeset numbers.
Display the value of a counter in a variety of formats.
Print a number in ‘appropriate’ format.
Use folio numbers to replace page numbers.
Format a counter as a fixed-point number.
Represent counters by letters of the Greek alphabet.
Ancient Greek (Athenian) numbers.
Print a counter in hexadecimal.
Restyle numbers in maths mode.
Spell numbers in words (Italian).
Typeset counters in a different base.
Write numbers in lower case roman numerals.
More enumeration options.
Print numbers in non-decimal bases.
Use comma as decimal separator in mathematics.
Generate English ordinal numbers.
Counters spelled out in Portuguese.
Convert a number to its English expression.
Converts a number to the russian spelled out name.
Print numbers with separators and exponent if necessary.
Spelling cardinal and ordinal numbers.
Counters as ordinal numbers in Portuguese.
Pad numbers with arbitrary characters.
Typesetting telephone numbers with .
Macros for commonly used physical constants.
Write roman number with "bars".
Typesetting roman page numbers.
Generate roman numerals instead of arabic digits.
Number theorems by section.
Print numbers in a "friendly" format.
John Cleese’s Silly Walk as page numbering style.
Format German phone numbers.
Thai labels in enumerate environments.
Draw Bagua symbols in Yijing.
Provides unlimited unique counter.
Cistercian numerals in .
Format numbers as German words.
Start list (etc.) numbering at zero.
Typeset Chinese representations of numbers.
Conversion of punctuation in maths mode.
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