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This topic contains packages with key-value argument systems.

Tag author and affiliation information in a key-value style.
Preserving and recalling standard catcodes.
Key/value support with a hash.
An expandable key=val implementation.
An expandable key=val implementation and friends.
Define expandable key=val macros using expkv.
A key-defining frontend for expkv.
Parse class and package options with expkv.
Simple creation of commands with key-value arguments.
A robust interface to xkeyval.
Process 'key=value' schemes.
A lightweight and robust key-value parser.
A bundle of versatile classes and packages.
Define keys for use in the kvsetkeys package.
Key value format for package options.
Key value parser with default handler support.
option processing using 3 keys.
A Lua module for parsing key-value options.
A robust key parser for .
A Lua module for parsing key-value options.
Provides convenient key-value options for package writers.
Key value control for PGF.
This package offers a way to find keys in a given path 'recursively', unlike pgfkeysvalueof.
Extended and more robust version of pgfkeys.
package options with pgfkeys.
Key-value syntax for PSTricks packages.
Provide basic features for KOMA-Script.
A simple key/value system for and .
Create commands using parameters and keyval in parallel.
Key-value parsing combining features of xkeyval and pgfkeys.
A parametric questions’ repositories framework.
An extension of xkeyval with a mask.
Extension of the keyval package.
Yet Another Key System.
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