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File management

This topic contains packages for -related-file management.

Creates a template for a self-extracting .dtx file.
Create an external file from within a document.
filecontents + macro + verbatim.
Access and compare info and modification dates.
’s mechanisms for dealing with file errors.
Flatten \input, etc., in a file.
Flatten \input, etc., in a file.
Find the date of last modification of a file.
Extended file name support for graphics (legacy package).
Prints the version and date of a class or style file.
Expand \input and \include in a document.
Print version information for a file.
Find files input by a document.
Stores contents in memory or files.
List the external dependencies of a document.
Inclusion based on .aux file date stamps.
Collect files related to a job in a single directory.
German version of filecontents.
Display class/package/file information.
Get package or file date.
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