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Release 3.06c 2020/04/06


The package tkz-base provides some tools like a Cartesian (rectangular) coordinate system to other packages like tkz-euclide or tkz-fct. With this package, you can draw coordinate axis, grids, draw points, the principle is to specify the position of any point in two-dimensional space by an unique couple of coordinates.


The scontents package may be modified and distributed under the terms and conditions of the Project Public License, version 1.3c or greater.


  • needs xfp.sty, numprint;
  • requires and automatically loads PGF/TikZ > 3.0;
  • compiles with utf8, pdflatex, lualatex;


The package tkz-base is present in TeXLive and MiKTeX, use the package manager to install.

You can experiment with the tkz-base package by placing all of the distribution files in the directory containing your current tex file.

For manual instalation all files must be moved into the different directories in your installation TDS tree or in your TEXMFHOME:

  doc/TKZdoc-base.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/tkz-doc/TKZdoc-base.pdf
  doc/examples/*.*    -> TDS:doc/latex/tkz-doc/examples/*.*
  doc/sourcedoc/*.*   -> TDS:doc/latex/tkz-doc/sourcedoc/*.*
  code/*.*            -> TDS:tex/latex/tkz-doc/*.*

How to use it

To use the package tkz-base, place the following lines in the preamble of your document.


The line \usepackage{tkz-base} loads TikZ. The line \usetkzobj{all} loads all objects used by tkz-euclide. With \usepackage{tkz-euclide} you don't need to use \usetkzobj

To avoid package conflicts, you need to load xcolor before TikZ or tkz-base or tkz-euclide.


Documentations for tkz-base and tkz-euclide are available on CTAN and your distribution.


All examples given in documentation will be stored on CTAN as standalone files, ready for compilation. You can use the main.tex file to load and compile an example.

Other examples, en fran├žais, can be found on my site http://altermundus.fr.


The new version of tkz-base is not fully compatible with the version 1.16 but the differences are minor


  • 3.06c correction of the documentation ( thanks to Laurent Van Deik)
  • 3.05c correction of bugs, some macros have migrated to tkz-euclide
  • 3.02c correction of bugs, new code
  • 3.01c correction of bugs, new code
  • 1.16 correction of bugs
  • 1.13 first version


Alain Matthes, 5 rue de Valence, Paris 75005, al (dot) ma (at) mac (dot) com

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (465.7k).

tkz-base – Tools for drawing with a cartesian coordinate system

The bundle is a set of packages, designed to give mathematics teachers (and students) easy access to programming of drawings with TikZ.

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Copyright2020 Alain Matthes
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