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                      eFrench - French typography for LaTeX

          Version 6.11 2019-09-06

e-French, FRENCHLE and FRENCH.
   The package e-french installed gives access to both 
                    frenchle.sty and french.sty.

Therefore the package with frenchle disapeard to be placed 
under THE obsolete packages.

HISTORY from FrenchPro to e-French

The eFrench projet is born in order to keep up to date French for (La)Tex and
maintain it available for future users.  FrenchPro for (La)Tex, is the result 
of a fifteen years work of its creator, Bernard Gaulle

Beginning 1999, the FrenchPro package was marketted as shareware, and Bernard
Gaulle alone owner of all rights. He died Aug. 2nd 2007. His wife Catherine
Gaulle, the heiress, gave authorization in that matter to the eFrench group in
order to maintain the whole work in the future.

The project is maintained by a small group started by Laurent Bloch and hosted
by Tux Family: https://svn.tuxfamily.org/viewvc.cgi/efrench_efrenchsources/trunk/,
email: efrench@lists.tuxfamily.org.

                 The credit for this piece of work remains with
                   the first and main author, Bernard Gaulle.


Copyright 2019 eFrench Group
This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the 
LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3 of this license or 
(at your option) any later version. The latest version of this license 
is in http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt and version 1.3 or later 
is part of all distributions of LaTeX version 2005/12/01 or later.

This work has the LPPL maintenance status «maintained».
The Current Maintainer of this work is Raymond Juillerat
(raymond -at- juil-dot-ch).


The distribution includes an unique package for both Unix (Linux, OSx)
or Windows operating systems.  Compatibility have been tested
under MikTeX (2.8 and 2.9) and TeXLive (Ubuntu).
The user's manual is named efrench.pdf, documentation of french.sty
(source) is named french_doc.pdf. A FAQ explains the context in which
these packages are to be used.

** The install directory
            Short documentations for beginners are written in 
- in english: MiniDoc_Unx.txt for Unix, 
              MiniDoc_Win.txt for Windows
              FilesInTDS.txt as further explanation
- in french : MiniDocEf_Unx.pdf for Unix, 
              MiniDocEf_Win.pdf for Windows
   Because pdf better for languages using 
   non 7-bits accented characters like french.

** The french directory
The french directory with its content is to be placed in a correct
place in the Tex Directory Structure, normally under .../tex/plain
resulting in the branch .../tex/plain/french, 
- see also FilesInTDS.txt in the install directory

** The doc directory
The documentation is provided with the sources as required under
LPPL agreement
- User's manuals are under "/manuels".
- Short documentation
  - histoire.html is the history of french.sty written in french
    an abstract is given in changements.html
  - lisez-moi.html explains why this name "efrench"
  - licence.html explains the licence-history (french and english)
    In order to render non-ascii accented characters in french, 
    html instead text for these short documentations


  No problem for the user. French.sty is the FrenchPro's version 
with shareware test removed and updated to a new version.

  It is not neccessary to migrate, in e-french frenchle.sty is as
easy accessible as french.sty
  But for a use with XeLaTeX please migrate to french.sty
  If you migrate there are only these things to do: 
- replace "frenchle" with "french" in the \usepackage calling it.
- if in use please rename frenchle.cfg to french.cfg and adapt it.  
  - Within it, please desactivate the things with french
     guillemets (chevrons), if they were active. 

NEW in Vers. 6.1: Interchartoks for XeLaTeX-BibLaTeX compatibility.
NEW in Vers. 6.11: more choices by non breakable (fine) spaces.

Enjoy.                         Raymond Juillerat for the e-french group

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.9M).

e-french – Comprehensive support for French-language typesetting

E-french is a distribution that keeps alive the work of Bernard Gaulle (now deceased), under a free licence.

It replaces the old “full” frenchpro (the “professional” distribution) and the light-weight frenchle packages.

Home pagehttp://www.efrench.org/
Version6.11 2019-09-06
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
MaintainerRaymond Juillerat
Bernard Gaulle (deceased)
Contained inTeX Live as e-french
MiKTeX as e-french
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