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The logicpuzzle bundle allows you to typeset various logic
puzzles. At the moment the following puzzles are supported:

* 2D-Sudoku (aka Magiequadrat, Diagon, ...)
* Battleship (aka Bimaru, Marinespiel, Batalla Naval, ...)
* Bokkusu (aka Kakurasu, Feldersummenrätsel, ...)
* Bridges (aka Brückenbau, Hashi, ...)
* Chaos Sudoku
* Four Winds (aka Eminent Domain, Lichtstrahl, ...)
* Hakyuu (aka Seismic, Ripple Effect, ...)
* Hitori
* Kakuro
* Kendoku (aka Mathdoku, Calcudoku, Basic, MiniPlu, Ken Ken,
               Square Wisdom, Sukendo, Caldoku, ...)
* Killer Sudoku (aka Samunapure, Sum Number Place, Sumdoku,
                     Gebietssummen, ...)
* Laser Beam (aka Laserstrahl, ...)
* Magic Labyrinth (aka Magic Spiral, Magisches Labyrinth, ...)
* Magnets (aka Magnetplatte, Magnetfeld, ...)
* Masyu (aka Mashi, {White|Black} Pearls, ...)
* Minesweeper (aka Minensuche, ...)
+ Nonogram (aka Griddlers, Hanjie, Tsunami, Logic Art,
                Logimage, ...)
* Number Link (aka Alphabet Link, Arukone, Buchstabenbund, ...)
* Resuko
* Schatzsuche
* Skyline (aka Skycrapers, Wolkenkratzer, Hochhäuser, ...)
  incl. Skyline Sudoku and Skyline Sudoku (N*N) variants
* Slitherlink (aka Fences, Number Line, Dotty Dilemma,
               Sli-Lin, Takegaki, Great Wall of China,
               Loop the Loop, Rundweg, Gartenzaun, ...)
* Star Battle (aka Sternenschlacht, ...)
* Stars and Arrows (aka Sternenhimmel, ...)
* Sudoku
* Sun and Moon (aka Sternenhaufen, Munraito, ...)
* Tents and Trees (aka Zeltlager, Zeltplatz, Camping, ...)
* Tunnel

License: LPPL

Changes in v2.5:

- added support for Nonogram puzzle

  feature request by: Theresa Spannbauer

- added documented source (dtx)

- added LPpreset TikZ style to all puzzle environments plus some minor


First of all, install the package with the package manager of your
TeX distribution, if possible.

Or download logicpuzzle.tds.zip and unzip it in the root directory
of your local TeX tree! Run texhash, that's it!

Manual installation:

- download logicpuzzle.dtx and qrcode.png

- extract all other files with pdftex logicpuzzle.dtx
  If you also want to create logicpuzzle.pdf, you can also run
  pdflatex logicpuzzle.dtx

- finish logicpuzzle.pdf by running:

  (pdflatex logicpuzzle.dtx)  already done???
  bibtex logicpuzzle
  makeindex -s gind.ist logicpuzzle
  makeindex -s gglo.ist logicpuzzle.glo -o logicpuzzle.gls
  pdflatex logicpuzzle.dtx
  bibtex logicpuzzle
  makeindex -s gind.ist logicpuzzle
  makeindex -s gglo.ist logicpuzzle.glo -o logicpuzzle.gls
  pdflatex logicpuzzle.dtx

- rename some files:

  createlpsudoku.sh -> createlpsudoku
  lpsmag.sh -> lpsmag

  or use one of the scripts:

  * Linux: simply run ./rename.sh
  * Windows: rename rename.win -> rename.bat and run it
             Windows does pdftex not allow to write a batch file (.bat)

- move the files:

  *.sty -> localtexmf/tex/latex/logicpuzzle/
  *.pdf -> localtexmf/doc/latex/logicpuzzle/
  *.dtx -> localtexmf/doc/latex/logicpuzzle/
  *.txt -> localtexmf/doc/latex/logicpuzzle/
  README -> localtexmf/doc/latex/logicpuzzle/
  bash scripts + *.smc -> somewhere in $PATH

- update your FNDB (Filename database)

  run texhash

You really should use the package manager! ;-)

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (803.3k).

log­icpuz­zle – Type­set (grid-based) logic puz­zles

The pack­age al­lows the user to type­set var­i­ous logic puz­zles. At the mo­ment the fol­low­ing puz­zles are sup­ported:

  • 2D-Su­doku (aka Magiequadrat, Di­agon, …),
  • Bat­tle­ship (aka Bi­maru, Marine­spiel, Batalla Naval, …),
  • Bokkusu (aka Kakurasu, Felder­sum­men­rät­sel, …),
  • Bridges (akak Brück­en­bau, Hashi, …),
  • Chaos Su­doku,
  • Four Winds (aka Emi­nent Do­main, Licht­strahl, …),
  • Hakyuu (aka Seis­mic, Rip­ple Ef­fect, …),
  • Hi­tori,
  • Kakuro,
  • Ken­doku (aka Math­doku, Cal­cu­d­oku, Ba­sic, MiniPlu, Ken Ken, Square Wis­dom, Suk­endo, Cal­doku, …,
  • Killer Su­doku (aka Sa­mu­na­pure, Sum Num­ber Place, Sum­doku, Ge­bi­etssum­men, …),
  • Laser Beam (aka Laser­strahl, …),
  • Magic Labyrinth (aka Magic Spi­ral, Magis­ches Labyrinth, …),
  • Mag­nets (aka Mag­net­platte, Mag­net­feld, …),
  • Masyu (aka Mashi, {White|Black} Pearls, …),
  • Minesweeper (aka Mi­nen­suche, …),
  • Nono­gram (aka Grid­dlers, Han­jie, Tsunami, Logic Art, Logim­age, …),
  • Num­ber Link (aka Al­pha­bet Link, Arukone, Buch­staben­bund, …),
  • Re­suko,
  • Schatz­suche,
  • Sky­line (aka Sky­crap­ers, Wolkenkratzer, Hochhäuser, …), in­clud­ing Sky­line Su­doku and Sky­line Su­doku (N*N) vari­ants,
  • Slither­link (aka Fences, Num­ber Line, Dotty Dilemma, Sli-Lin, Takegaki, Great Wall of China, Loop the Loop, Rundweg, Garten­zaun, …),
  • Star Bat­tle (aka Ster­nen­schlacht, …),
  • Stars and Ar­rows (aka Ster­nen­him­mel, …),
  • Su­doku,
  • Sun and Moon (aka Ster­nen­haufen, Mun­raito, …),
  • Tents and Trees (aka Zelt­lager, Zelt­platz, Camp­ing, …), and
  • Tun­nel.

Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2013–2014 Josef Kle­ber
Main­tainerJosef Kle­ber
TDS archivelogicpuzzle.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeX Live as log­icpuz­zle
MiKTeX as log­icpuz­zle
Topics pro­cess game di­a­grams, game­books, and other amuse­ments
pack­age uses PGF-TikZ
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