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		New Computer Modern Fonts

           (Package version 5.2.0, GustFLv1 or later)

		Antonis Tsolomitis
		Samos, Greece, 2019--2024

This is a release of a new assembly of ComputerModern 
fonts that extents the family with more shapes and more mathematical glyphs
and other goodies. It also includes glyphs for non latin alphabets 
which are considered compatible in style to CM fonts. 

Use with:

\usepackage[default]{fontsetup} (loads the Book weight)


\usepackage[olddefault]{fontsetup} (loads the Regular weight)
\usepackage[regular]{newcomputermodern} (loads the Regular weight)



and similarly for the Regular weight.

The fonts contain Latin and accented latin letters and combinations,
Greek (monotonic and polytonic), Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Cherokee.

As of version 3.90 they are distributed in 10pt size in *all* families
and series and in 8pt size in Roman (Regular Italic Book BookItalic)
and Sans (Regular, Oblique, Book, BookOblique).

As of version 5.0 the Devanagari script is supported for 
Languages Hindi (default), Sanskrit, Marathi and Nepali in 
Regular/Book 08/10pt and Bold 10t.

The Math fonts (Regular and Book) support fully all Unicode blocks
of Mathematics providing the widest possible Mathematical coverage.

The fonts have their own protrusion settings through the microtype package
which are distributed with microtype.

How to build the package from source

(a) convert the sfd files to otf using the script
with contents the next three lines:

Generate($1:r + ".otf")

Assume the above script is called sfd2otf
After making it executable cd in the sfd folder
and execute

for i in *.sfd; do sfd2otf $i; done

(b) copy/move the otf files either in



in your TeX installation


in the folder that contains newcm-doc.tex

In any case, the command 

kpsewhich NewCM10-Regular.otf

must return the newly installed font.

(c) cd in the folder  that contains newcm-doc.tex
and run

xelatex-unsafe newcm-doc.tex

or (in newer installations) 

xelatex newcm-doc.tex

(the xelatex-unsafe if for using gs properly)

Latest additions/improvements:

Version 5.2.0

Added Cherokee in the Sans font too

Added Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics to Sans

Added Allergies symbols to Sans Regular and Book

Added twoheadhookrightarrow and twoheadhookleftarrow
to the Math fonts in Private USe Area, 
since they are needed and do not exist in Unicode.

Fixed minor IPA tilde overlapping bugs

Version 5.1

Added Aegean Numbers in the Sans font

Added one.oldstyle.alt and one.taboldstyle.alt in cv06

Added missing ligatures in dlig for ch, ck, and il

Added right kerning for the sequence uni026D slash

Replaced fspdefault.sty and fspolddefault.sty with
fspdefault.tex and fspolddefault.tex in newcomputermodern.sty

Version 5.01

Brought back the AMS blackboard bold as the default and
moved the newcm bb in ss03

Version 5.0

Support for Devanagari in Regular/Book 08/10pt and Bold 10t.

Support of the Unicode Devanagari Block as variable letters and numbers
in Math fonts with auto selection for the numbers in ss04.

Addition in the Math fonts of a matching mathbb design keeping the
AMS mathbb in ss03 if preferred.

Two levels of scriptness in capitals. One as default with \mathcal and 
anotther in ss01. Lowercase script are also avalable with \mscrX where
X is any of the latin lowercase letters. Their design match the ss01 
capitals. (Notice that this was already supported in version 4.7 but it 
was forgotten to be included in the documentation.)

Complete support in all fonts for the diacritics Unicode block
U0300--U036F with stacking support.

A lot of improvements in BoldSans design.

Completion of the Greek+Coptic block in all fonts (it was complete only in
Regular/Book 10pt).

Version 4.7

Many improvements in Bold Sans 10.

Version 4.6

Small fixes with some latin accented letters such as a grave, e grave etc.

Version 4.5

Small fixes in text fonts for alternate a and g for IPA use in ss05
Changes for | and \| in math fonts to precicely match Knuth's cmex fonts

Version 4.4

Bug fix: removed ch lig from default liga of NewCM10-BookItalic

Version 4.3

Fixed non integer coordinates on slyphs 5,6,9 which caused problems
with some printers.
Added a couple of IPA combinations that were missing from v4.2

Version 4.2

Added the possibility to typeset IPA properly in all faces/families.
Added the possibility to typeset prosodic marks in Greek.
Some bug fixes.

Version 4.1

Added kerning pairs for Greek (from the cbgreek fonts)
that accidentally were missing from some of the fonts.
The fonts must be metrically compatible with lm, cbgreek and cm-unicode
for the cyrillic glyphs.

Version 4.0

Greatly improved support for diacritics stacking.
Full support for Coptic and Coptic Epact Numbers.
New shapes: Medieval Latin and Uncial Greek in the new fonts NewCMUncial.
More Math symbols with optical sizes such as +, -, *, \perp, etc.
Support for Papyrology for Greek and Archaic Greek.
Support for Chemistry upright Greek letters.
New documentation file newcm-doc.pdf in the doc/ folder.

Version 3.93

  Provides access to Russian and Greek guillemotleft and guillemotright
using the character variant tables cv3 and cv4 respectively.

  The Math fonts provide the character \varnothing, an alternative to \emptyset,
through Character Variant cv01. The fontsetup package provides the option 
'varnothing' to easily switch to the alternative character.

  It also corrects the width of the character uni2800 in the Braille block.

Version 3.92

Fixes a naming problem of the .fontspec files.

Version 3.91

Fixes a problem with internal names of fonts and families.
The family names now are


Fixes a bug with fb ligature.

Version 3.90 introduces

---the 8pt fonts.

---It adds support for diacritics stacking in all Latin glyphs and Hebrew (nikud)
in Roman (Regular, Italic, Book, and BookItalic). I thank Manuel Boni for
the suggestion. Diacritics stacking will expand to all fonts
of NewCM in the future but at the current state it provides
also a working set of free fonts so that the unicode TeX engines 
can test their support of this feature. Stacking for Greek and papyrological
work will be added soon, as we fix bugs towards version 4.00

---Cyrillic BoldSans at 10pt has been "fixed" to a true bold instead
of being a stroke expansion, completing similar work done in previous
versions for other scripts.

---Source sfd files are now included in the distribution since there
has been work on composite/accented glyphs to be constructed automatically
in fontforge. This greately reduces the size of the sources and provides
for easier maintenance. This work is not available in all of the fonts
(not in sans yet) but it is already substantial to justify the release.

Antonis Tsolomitis
University of the Aegean
Department of Mathematics
Samos, Greece

History of changes follows:

Version 3.02 fixes a CounterMasks problem that made Acrobat
not opening correctly documents created with the Book weight.
Version 3.00 provides full support of all Mathematics Unicode Slots
presented in http://www.unicode.org/charts/ adding hundreds of new
glyphs in both Math weights, Regular and Book:
Mathematical Symbols
    Arrows (uni2190--uni21FF)
    Supplemental Arrows-A (uni27F0--uni27FF)
    Supplemental Arrows-B (uni2900--uni297F)
    Supplemental Arrows-C (u1F800--u1F8FF)
    Additional Arrows (uni2B00--uni2BFF)
    Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows (uni2B00--uni2BFF))

Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols (u1D400--u1D7FF)
    Arabic Mathematical Alphabetic Symbols (u1EE00--u1EEFF)
    Letterlike Symbols (uni2100--uni214F)

Mathematical Operators (uni2200--uni22FF)
    Basic operators: Plus, Factorial (uni0000--uni007F)
                     Division, Multiplication (uni0080--uni00FF)
    Supplemental Mathematical Operators (uni2A00--uni2AFF)
    Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A (uni27C0--uni27EF)
    Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B (uni2980--uni29FF)
    Floors and Ceilings (uni2308--uni230B)
    Invisible Operators (uni2061--uni2064)

Geometric Shapes (uni25A0--25FF)
    Additional Shapes (uni2B00--uni2BFF)
    Box Drawing (uni2500--uni257F)
    Block Elements (uni2580--uni259F)
    Geometric Shapes Extended (u1F780--u1F7FF)

If a slot of the above is not covered it should be considered a bug. In this 
case please report the missing glyph/slot. It will be added as soon as possible.

The included file newcm-unimath-symbols.pdf is out of date, since 
the extra symbols can not be shown in this file as unicode-math package 
does not provide yet commands for all these new glyphs. The user can 
consult the Unicode charts at the above link and access the required 
glyph with \char"# where # is the Unicode number of the
slot the glyph belongs to. 
For example, \char"2BDA will give the Hygeia symbol
(uni2BDA) the Rod of Asclepius.

Version 2.32 adds support for Braille patterns. Both 6dot (uni2801--uni283F)
and 8dit (uni2840--uni28FF) patters are included. They have been added 
in two styles: for sighted persons (such as teachers) in the 
serifed upright fonts and for blind persons in the sans upright fonts.

The Math fonts (both Regular and Book weights) now include upright integrals
in the ss02 StylisticSet. Use with 

or use the upint option of the fontsetup package with


for the Book weight, or


for the regular weight.

This version fixes wrong liga tables for standard ligatures 
(fi, ff etc) for the Sans family, thanks to Manuel Boni.

It also adds a newcomputermodern.sty file.

Version 2.3 adds all kerning found in tipa package for the IPA symbols
following a suggestion of Huanyu Liu. Moreover, the letters eth, eng, beta, theta and chi
exists in IPA-style in the fonts and are accessible in the ss05 lookup table since
they are in a different design from the Latin and Greek letters.
You can access this lookup table using the \textipa and \textsansipa commands of the latest fontsetup
package and the default and olddefault options or setup your own.

Version 2.2 adds Ancient Greek Numerals (u10140-u1018E) to all fonts 
(except Mono & Math). The four numerals that already existed in 
this range (that is u10144-u10147) have been altered to the new
design matching the style of cm but also provide some Ancient Greek flair. 

Commands for accessing these glyphs are provided by the fontsetup package.

The Math font now provides two more symbols that correspond to the commands
\nrightrightarrows (equivalently \not\rightrightarrows)
\nleftleftarrows (equivalently \not\leftleftarrows)
and supported by the defaul and olddefault options of the fontsetup package.
These symbols are not in the Unicode Standard and so they are added in the
Private Area of the fonts. 

A modified file (newcm-unicode-symbols.pdf) based on unicode-symbols.pdf 
by Will Robertson is also provided showing the math glyphs of the font 
in comparison with other fonts found on ctan.


Version 2.1 fixes bugs thanks to Manuel Boni. It also introduces Old Italic
(u10300--u1032F) in the Sans font. The Serif font now includes additional
ligatures fb ffb ffh ffj ffk fft fh fj ft fk and the same with longs instead of f
in the default liga table (in addition to the default fi fl ffi ffl ff).
It also includes an alternative k (in the cv01 table) and sp ch ck ct st
in the dlig table. Finally it also inludes "end" versions of the letters
a, e, m, n and r in the cv02 table.


Version 2.0 adds hundrends of new glyphs in the Math font matching at 
least STIX fonts in glyph coverage.

The Serif fonts now support Hebrew and Cherokee.

Finally, a long awaited feature, a Book weight for ComputerModern is added
(math included). This is now the default option of the fontsetup package.
It produces slightly heavier output suitable for book production with
high resolution printing.


Version 1.1 concerns mainly a very big number of glyphs added to
the Math font. It is now comparable in glyph coverage 
with other free or commercial Math fonts on CTAN.

Text fonts have been extended to include 
LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S (U+1E9E)---thanks to Karl Barry.

Finally thanks go to Robert Alessi for providing the fontspec files 
included in this release.


Version 1.003 Several fixes in all fonts especially in polytonic regions. 
Ypogegrammeni is the default for all characters including small caps. 
Prosgegrammeni is offered as alt shape in ss01 lookup 
including small caps. If you use the fontsetup package with the
[default] option, capitals with prosgegrammeni are accessible using
the \textprosgegrammeni{<text>} or the {\prosgegrammeni <text>}

Especially Greek Bold Sans have been considerably improved in a 
true bold and not an extended stroke of the regular. 

Math font has improved its Greek Bold Sans, and a Greek Sans is included
in Private Area as this is not in Unicode standard. The fontsetup package
should support access to Greek Regular Sans letters ushape and oblique
if loaded with the [default] option.

Sans Serif Regular font now provides access to 6 bce and 4 bce Greek capitals
in ss0X lookups. The fontsetup package includes commands such as
\textivbce{}, \ivbce, \textvibce{} and \vibce to access them if loaded
with the [default] option.

Version 1.002 for the Mono fonts have considerable improved iota
and all polytonic accents of Greek.

Thanks to Professor Claudio Beccari for providing information 
about the need for this improvement.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (26.1M).

NewComputerModern – Computer Modern fonts including matching non-latin alphabets

This is a new assembly of Computer Modern fonts including extensions in many directions for both Latin based languages, non-Latin based languages and Mathematics, all compatible in style to CM fonts. In addition to the Regular weight of Computer Modern, it provides a Book weight for heavier printing.

Home pagehttps://download.gnu.org.ua/release/newcm/
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