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Indic Font

This topic contains packages with fonts for languages of the Indian subcontinent.

A comprehensive Bangla package.
Bengali in Velthuis transliteration or in UTF-8.
Computer Sanskrit(/Extended) coding support on MS-DOS.
Typeset Devanagari.
A font family supporting Devanagari and Latin script.
Devanagari fonts by EkType.
Support for Gurmukhi in .
The HindMadurai font face with support for and pdf.
Indic Type 1 fonts converted from public sources.
Omega fonts for characters used in study of Sanskrit.
for Malayalam.
Fonts for typesetting Malayalam, with a pre-processor.
Computer Modern fonts including matching non-latin alphabets.
Typesetting the Oriya script using .
A Tamil font for Macintosh users.
Malayalam fonts by Rachana Institute of Typography (RIT).
An OpenType Devanāgarī font designed for scholars.
Tamil support for Omega/Aleph.
Support for writing the Telugu Language.
Tamil to converter.
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