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Ar­chaic Font

This topic con­tains pack­ages fonts re­pro­duc­ing ar­chaic scripts or in­scrip­tions.

Fonts for Ara­maic script
Fonts and for Syr­iac writ­ten in Serto
A col­lec­tion of ar­chaic fonts
A cuneiform font
A script which was used on Cyprus for writ­ing Greek
A font for an­cient Cypriot Greek in­scrip­tions
Type­set­ting the Epi-Olmec Lan­guage
Fonts for the Etr­uscan script
A Greek font from 394BC
A Greek font from the sixth cen­tury BC
The "poor man's" Egyp­tian Hiero­glyphic font
Hiero­glyph fonts and other sup­port
Lin­ear A script fonts
Lin­ear B script used in the Bronze Age for Myce­naean Greek
A late me­dieval OpenType tex­tura font
Font for Na­batean script
Fonts for type­set­ting Ogham script
Fonts old Per­sian cuneiform script
Disk of Phais­tos font
Fonts for the Phoeni­cian script in use from about 1600 BC
Fonts for proto-Semitic cuneiform script
Fonts for An­glo-Saxon futharc script
Ar­chaic South Ara­bian script font
A font for an ar­chaic South Ara­bia script
A font for Syr­iac writ­ten in Es­trangelo
Fonts from the Tra­jan col­umn in Rome
Fonts for Ugaritic cuneiform script
A font for Ugaritic
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