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Direc­tory fonts/greek/yannis

Like Silvio Levy's Greek font upon which this package is based, this
font is released under the GNU GPL version 2 or any later version, with
the FSF font exception.  The other supporting files are released under
the GNU GPL version 2 or any later version.

List of files: 
accent.mf, csc_misce.mf, digits.mf, gen_acc.mf, gen_m_acc.mf, grbase.mf,
greek.mf, greekcsc.mf, it_digits.mf, it_lig.mf, it_lower.mf, lig.mf,
ligcsc.mf, lower.mf, m_accent.mf, m_greek.mf, punct.mf, scsc.mf, upper.mf,
rgrrg10.mf, rgrsl10.mf, rgrti10.mf, rgrbf10.mf, rgrsc10.mf, mrgrrg10.mf,
mrgrsl10.mf, mrgrti10.mf, mrgrbf10.mf,
greekmacros.tex, monsyl.txt, rgrhyph.tex, rgrpaper.tex, tomakeformat.txt,
                             USERS'S GUIDE
Run all the fonts with \mag:=1; Run rgrrg10 also with \mag:=.9;. Make sure
that the fonts cmssqi8 and mcyr10 are available. Same thing for tugbot.sty
and tugbot.com (version 0.5 at least). Run rgrpaper.tex (this is a NEW version 
of "Y. Haralambous, K. Thull, Typesetting modern greek with 128 character 
codes, TUGboat 10 (1989) 354-359).
Read it!
If you want to make a greek format, remove "\input hyphen.tex" from plain.tex,
and replace by the contents of tomakeformat.txt.
If you want to make the PASCAL word processor mentionned in rgrpaper, you
will find in monsyl.txt a list of monosyllabes.
That's it. If you are a satisfied user you can send me a postcard for my
collection (or perhaps some work you have done with this package), else send
me your remarks and complaints. My email is
yannis (dot) haralambous (at) telecom (dash) bretagne (dot) eu.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (122.3k).

yan­nisgr – Greek fonts by Yan­nis Har­alam­bous

A fam­ily of 7-bit fonts with a code ta­ble de­signed for set­ting mod­ern poly­tonic Greek.

The fonts are pro­vided as source; macros to pro­duce a Greek vari­ant of Plain (in­clud­ing a hy­phen­ation ta­ble adapted to the fonts’ code ta­ble) are pro­vided.

Ver­sion 1992-09-27
Li­cense GNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense, ver­sion 2
Main­tainerKlaus Thull
Yan­nis Har­alam­bous
Con­tained inTeX Live as yan­nisgr
MiKTeX as yan­nisgr
Topics font for Greek (ar­chaic, clas­si­cal and mod­ern)
sup­port for type­set­ting Greek
fonts dis­tributed as source
fonts them­selves
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