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xfp – Interface to the 3 floating point unit

This pack­age pro­vides a doc­u­ment-level in­ter­face to the 3 float­ing point unit (part of ex­pl3).

The ex­pand­able com­mand \fpe­val takes as its ar­gu­ment a float­ing point ex­pres­sion and will pro­duce a re­sult us­ing the nor­mal rules of math­e­mat­ics. As this com­mand is ex­pand­able it can be used where re­quires a num­ber and for ex­am­ple within a low-level \edef op­er­a­tion to give a purely nu­mer­i­cal re­sult.

Quellen /macros/latex/contrib/l3packages
Home-Page http://www.la­tex-project.org/code.html
Ver­sion 2017-12-05
Lizenz The Project Public Li­cense 1.3c
Be­treuer The Team
TDS-Archiv l3packages.tds.zip
En­thal­ten in TeX Live als l3­pack­ages
MiKTeX als l3­pack­ages
The­men type­set­ting floats
work done for the project to up­grade
al­ter­na­tive ways of defin­ing macros
de­vel­op­ing ver­sion of new soft­ware

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