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Michael Sharpe

The contributor Michael Sharpe appears to be present as the CTAN community member msharpe.

A revival of Frutiger's Algol alphabet
Array data structures for
Array data structures for
Extension and modification of BaskervaldADF with support
Fry’s Baskerville look-alike, with math support
Extension of the bbold package with a Blackboard Bold alphabet
Virtual fonts for Adobe Bickham Script Pro
Mathematical alphabets derived from the STIX fonts
Cochineal fonts with support
A double-struck serifed font for mathematical use
A reworking of ESSTIX13, adding a bold version
Font package derived from Heuristica and Utopia
PostScript versions of the ESSTIX, with macro support
An expansion of Edward Tufte’s ET-Bembo family
A free Bembo-like font
Use New Century Schoolbook text with Fourier maths fonts
‘Expert’-like extensions to URW Garamond, and maths italic
Fonts extending Utopia, with support files
A monospaced font, with support files for use with
Libertine add-on to support Greek and Cyrillic
A Type 1 font and support for Libertinus Math
General package for loading maths alphabets in
Enable use of Minion Pro with newtx
Montserrat sans serif, otf and pfb, with support files
Alternative uses of the PX fonts, with improved metrics
Alternative uses of the TX fonts, with improved metrics
Sans-math fonts for use with newtx
Enhancement of typewriter fonts from newtx
Support files for Nimbus 2015 Core fonts
Math support for Noto fonts
Draw cubic Bspline curves and interpolations
A tool for PSTricks documentation
Page layout macros based on PSTricks packages
Nodes and node connections in PSTricks
Addon to the newtx package
Virtual maths alphabets based on pxfonts and txfonts
A mathematical calligraphic font based on rsfs
Support importing and embellishing scanned documents
Extension of GyreSchola (New Century Schoolbook) with math support
A reworking of STIX2
Attach superior figures to a font family
Greek and Cyrillic to accompany Times
Upright calligraphic font based on TX calligraphic
Use URW's clone of Zapf Chancery as a maths alphabet
Type 1 versions of wasy fonts
Extension of Bitstream Charter fonts
Use Latin Modern Typewriter fonts
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