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Donald E. Knuth

Definitive source of Plain on CTAN
Computer Modern fonts
Sources of the Computer Modern fonts
PK bitmaps of the Computer Modern fonts
CM fonts test sources
Metric files for the Computer Modern fonts
Concrete Roman fonts
A Web system in C
Type out the content of a DVI file
Genealogy symbols
The macros used in "Concrete Mathematics"
A platform for combinatorial algorithms
Fonts for gray-scales
Knuth’s halftone font and its uses
version of tiles in the style of Slavik Jablan
The current state of Knuth's contributions
The current state of Knuth's contributions
Knuth’s published errata
Knuth’s example letter macros
Core and sources from Knuth
Knuth’s local information
A collection of fonts used in distributions
List ASCII text files
List ASCII text files in landscape
Knuth's "manual" fonts
A system for specifying fonts
The source of The book
logo font
Supporting tools for use with
A picture mode in Plain
The Plain format
Donald Knuth's punk font
OpenType version of Knuth's Punk font
A "very bad typewriter" font
Select pages to be output from a document
Generate compilable source from web
A testbed for font evaluation
A sophisticated typesetting engine
The source of The book
Utility programs for use with
Bidirectional extension of
Knuth's two-column output macros
Knuth on virtual fonts
Tools for virtual font metrics
Generate source from web
The original literate programming system
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