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Generic Macros

This topic contains packages with macros that are independent of the () format in use.

Add paths to Lua packages and input files.
Extend commands and environments.
Calculates the value of an expression containing fractions.
Generic handling of category codes.
Draw molecules with easy syntax.
Luatexja-jfm files for Chinese typesetting.
Collect arguments of any command.
A loader for etoolbox.sty in non- formats.
Wrapper for the expex package.
An expandable key=val implementation and friends.
Define expandable key=val macros using expkv.
Simple floating point arithmetic.
A collection of logos with bookmark support.
Am I running under pdf, or Lua?.
Simple language-dependent settings based on language codes.
Macros for localizing register allocations.
A Lua module for parsing key-value options.
Some kernel commands for general use.
Typeset Japanese with Lua.
Visual debugging with Lua.
Externalization of graphics and memoization of compilation results in general.
definitions with named parameters.
Creating a study Bible with Op.
PDF Math Symbols — various drawn mathematical symbols.
Lua support for pdf utility functions.
A minimal method for making generic packages.
A parser for polynomial expressions.
Print topical diagrams.
Build tools to process tokens from an input stream.
“Aligned” math environments with arrows for comments.
Typeset Young-Tableaux.
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