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This topic contains packages for literate programming.

Literate programming in APL.
Web system for programs written in Ada.
C language prettyprinter.
A simple literate programming tool based on clojure's pamphlet system.
Simple "quality" printing of C sources.
C version of tie (merging Web change files).
A Web system in C.
CWEB for ANSI-C/C++ compilers.
Insert hyperlinks for included files.
A version of CWEB.
A system for Structured Software Documentation in C.
A flexible, language-independent web system.
A literate programming tool working with .
A literate programming system, not tied to any language.
A literate programming environment for Macs.
Auto-documentation of lua code.
A literate system for programming.
Literate programming system for Matlab.
A simple extensible literate programming tool.
Literate Programming for Prolog with .
Literate programming package.
Consolidated WEB macros for DVI and PDF output.
Embed Sage code and plots into .
Typesetting Scheme programs with .
Simple support for literate programming in Lisp.
A tool for building WEB systems.
A web system for macro sources.
The original literate programming system.
Converting from WEB to cweb.
Nine-point web listings.
Include CWEB and/or Spidery WEB .
Use sans serif font in Web listings.
Literate programming using Microsoft Word.
Multi-threaded LR(1) compiler/compiler that emits literate grammar documents.
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