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This topic con­tains pack­ages with in­te­grated de­vel­op­ment en­vi­ron­ments.

Edi­tor and shell for DOS and OS/2
A MS-Win­dows shell for em
en­vi­ron­ment for OS/2
sup­port in FTE text ed­i­tor
A user friendly / ed­i­tor for KDE
Graph­i­cal fron­tend to
An in­te­grated de­vel­op­ment en­vi­ron­ment for Win­dows
Doc­u­ment pro­ces­sor based on
in em IDE/Fron­tEnd for EPM
Pre­view equa­tions in Emacs
A shell for OS/2
plu­gin for Eclipse
Struc­tured text ed­i­tor for
An IDE for on MSWin­dows
X-Win­dow Shell for
A free Shell for MS-Win­dows 95 and NT
front end for use on MacOS X
Setup sup­port for shell
MS-Win­dows shell and ed­i­tor for
A MS-Win­dows32 user in­ter­face for
A / shell for X-win­dows
An X11 menu built on Tcl/Tk
A shell/ed­i­tor
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