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This topic contains packages with integrated development environments.

Editor and shell for DOS and OS/2.
A MS-Windows shell for em.
environment for OS/2.
support in FTE text editor.
A user friendly / editor for KDE.
Graphical frontend to .
An integrated development environment for Windows.
Document processor based on .
in em IDE/FrontEnd for EPM.
Preview equations in Emacs.
A shell for OS/2.
plugin for Eclipse.
Structured text editor for .
An IDE for on MSWindows.
X-Window Shell for .
A free Shell for MS-Windows 95 and NT.
front end for use on MacOS X.
Setup support for shell.
MS-Windows shell and editor for .
A MS-Windows32 user interface for .
A / shell for X-windows.
An X11 menu built on Tcl/Tk.
A shell/editor.
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