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Font development

This topic contains packages to support for font development, testing and characterisation.

CM fonts test sources.
Generate code for EGA screen fonts.
A programmable font test pattern generator.
A font sampler.
Generate a font book.
A font sampler.
Tools to simplify using fonts (especially TT/OTF ones).
Samples of fonts that come with Live.
Print a sample of a font.
Print font tables from a document.
Print tables and generate control files to adjust kernings.
A bundle of outline font manipulation tools.
Shell scripts to generate bitmaps from sources.
Generate maths fonts to match outline fonts.
A trip to the wonderful world of mathematics.
A system for specifying fonts.
Generate Type 1 fonts from .
Convert fonts to Adobe Type 1.
A collection of mode_def’s.
Raster Chinese and Japanese fonts.
A "relaxed" font encoding.
Show characters inside a box.
A C++ library for subsetting PostScript Type 1 fonts.
A testbed for font evaluation.
A viewer for tfm and pk font files.
Check and correct checksums of TFM and PK files.
Macros for font diagnostics.
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