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Font de­vel­op­ment

This topic con­tains pack­ages to sup­port for font de­vel­op­ment, test­ing and char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion.

CM fonts test sources.
Gen­er­ate code for EGA screen fonts.
A pro­grammable font test pat­tern gen­er­a­tor.
A font sam­pler.
Gen­er­ate a font book.
A font sam­pler.
Tools to sim­plify us­ing fonts (es­pe­cially TT/OTF ones).
Sam­ples of fonts that come with Live.
Print a sam­ple of a font.
Print font ta­bles from a doc­u­ment.
Print ta­bles and gen­er­ate con­trol files to ad­just kern­ings.
A bun­dle of out­line font ma­nip­u­la­tion tools.
Shell scripts to gen­er­ate bitmaps from sources.
Gen­er­ate maths fonts to match out­line fonts.
A sys­tem for spec­i­fy­ing fonts.
Gen­er­ate Type 1 fonts from .
Con­vert fonts to Adobe Type 1.
A col­lec­tion of mode_def's.
Raster Chi­nese and Ja­panese fonts.
A "re­laxed" font en­cod­ing.
Show char­ac­ters in­side a box.
A testbed for font eval­u­a­tion.
A viewer for tfm and pk font files.
Check and cor­rect check­sums of TFM and PK files.
Macros for font di­ag­nos­tics.
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