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Adobe Distiller

This topic contains packages which use Adobe Distiller to convert PostScript to PDF.

Create a graphing widget in a PDF file.
The AeB Pro eEnvelope System.
Multi-line links with hyperref.
Items from the AeB Pro Family of Software.
Create text, stamp and file attachment annotations.
Create a popup datepicker using SWF.
Creates captions to digital photos.
Create an arithmetic flash card.
Set a rectangular destination and jump to it.
Add support for dvips+ps2pdf, XeLaTeX, dvipdfmx to the ocgx package.
Create a Flash slide show of digital photos.
Initialize form properties using big-endian encoding.
Produce ‘gray hints’ to a variable text field.
Extensive support for hypertext in .
A class to construct Jeopardy-like games.
Provides a simple workflow for creating custom stamps.
Drop-in replacement for ‘ocgx’ and ‘ocg-p’.
Set transparency and blend mode.
Create QR codes using stamps.
Create rich media annotations in a PDF file.
Create a cross-document bookmark tree.
Saveboxes for repeating content without code replication, based on PDF Form XObjects.
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