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%% ****** Start of file README ****** %
%%   This file is part of the APS files in the REVTeX 4 distribution.
%%   Version 4.1r of REVTeX, August 2010.
%%   Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2009, 2010 The American Physical Society.

Last updated 09 August 2010

This file describes the contents of this distribution of REVTeX 4.1.
The definitive source of information about REVTeX 4 is the APS web
page http://authors.aps.org/revtex4/.

User queries should be directed to revtex@aps.org.


All files in this release are contained within the compressed archive
revtex4-1.zip. For installation instructions, see below.

NOTE: The only files necessary for running REVTeX 4.1 are those under 
tex/latex/revtex and bibtex/bst/revtex, but it is a good idea to install
the entire distribution, especially the documentation.

TeX inputs:          tex/latex/revtex/
revtex4-1.cls     - The REVTeX 4.1 class file
aps4-1.rtx        - APS-specific customizations for REVTeX 4.1
aip4-1.rtx        - AIP-specific customizations for REVTeX 4.1
apsrmp4-1.rtx     - APS-specific customizations for REVTeX 4.1,
                    specifically for Rev. Mod. Phys.
aps10pt4-1.rtx    - 10-point size class option file for REVTeX.
aps11pt4-1.rtx    - 11-point size class option file for REVTeX.
aps12pt4-1.rtx    - 12-point size class option file for REVTeX.
revsymb4-1.sty    - A collection of common symbols for use outside of REVTeX.

ltxdocext.sty     - Part of ltxgrid package used for page layout in REVTeX.
ltxfront.sty      - Part of ltxgrid package used for page layout in REVTeX.
ltxgrid.sty       - Part of ltxgrid package used for page layout in REVTeX.
ltxutil.sty       - Part of ltxgrid package used for page layout in REVTeX.
BibTeX inputs:       bibtex/bst/revtex/
apsrev4-1.bst     - BibTeX styles for use for Phys. Rev. journals
apsrmp4-1.bst     - BibTeX styles for use for Rev. Mod. Phys.
aipauth4-1.bst    - BibTeX styles for AIP journals with author/year style citations
aipnum4-1.bst     - BibTeX styles for AIP journals with numerical style citations

Documentation:       doc/latex/revtex/
README       - How to get started
DOWNLOAD     - How to download REVTeX4.1

Author guide:           doc/latex/revtex/auguide/
auguide4-1.tex (pdf)  - REVTeX 4.1 Author's Guide
whatsnew4-1.tex (pdf) - What's New in REVTeX 4.1
summary.tex (pdf)     - REVTeX 4.1 Command and Options Summary
docs.sty              - Package used by REVTeX documentation

APS guide:              doc/latex/revtex/aps
apsguide4-1.tex (pdf) - APS Author Guide for REVTeX 4.1

AIP guide:              doc/latex/revtex/aip
aipguide4-1.tex (pdf) - Author's Guide to AIP Substyles for REVTeX 4.1

APS Sample document:    doc/latex/revtex/sample/aps
apssamp.tex (pdf)  - A sample file showing most common features of an APS
                     REVTeX 4.1 document
fig_1.eps          - sample figure for apssamp.tex
fig_2.eps          - sample wide figure for apssamp.tex
vid_1a.eps         - sample figure for apssamp.tex
vid_1b.eps         - sample figure for apssamp.tex
apssamp.bib        - sample BibTeX source file for apssamp.tex
apstemplate.tex    - A template for APS authors to follow

AIP Sample document:    doc/latex/revtex/sample/aip
aipsamp.tex (pdf)  - A sample file showing most common features of an AIP
                     REVTeX 4.1 document
fig_1.eps          - sample figure for apssamp.tex
fig_2.eps          - sample wide figure for apssamp.tex
aipsamp.bib        - sample BibTeX source file for apssamp.tex
aiptemplate.tex    - A template for APS authors to follow

Programmer's docs:      doc/latex/revtex/source/
ltxdocext.pdf - Programmer's documentation for the ltxdocext package
ltxfront.pdf  - Programmer's documentation for the ltxfront  package
ltxgrid.pdf   - Programmer's documentation for the ltxgrid   package
ltxutil.pdf   - Programmer's documentation for the ltxutil   package
revtex4-1.pdf - Programmer's documentation for the revtex4-1 document class
aip.pdf       - Programmer's documentation for the AIP journal styles

Source files:        source/latex/revtex
ltxdocext.dtx - The source file for the ltxdocext package
ltxfront.dtx  - The source file for the ltxfront package
ltxgrid.dtx   - The source file for the ltxgrid package
ltxutil.dtx   - The source file for the ltxutil package
revtex4-1.dtx - The source file for revtex4.cls and revsymb.sty.
aip.dtx       - The source file for AIP journal styles

Not Included   
The following packages are required by REVTeX but are not
included in this distribution. Please obtain from CTAN
(Comprehensive TeX Archive Network), e.g. <http://www.ctan.org/>. Direct
links to the necessary files can be found at <http://authors.aps.org/revtex4/>.

natbib.dtx   - Version 8.31a or later; found in latex/contrib/natbib on CTAN
natbib.ins   - LaTeX this to create natbib.sty and natbib
               documentation from natbib.dtx
bm.dtx       - Bold math style - part of (current!) standard LaTeX2e tools
bm.sty       - generated from bm.dtx by running tools.ins
textcase.dtx - Found in latex/contrib/textcase on CTAN
textcase.ins - LaTeX this to generate textcase.sty from textcase.dtx
url.sty      - Found in latex/contrib/misc on CTAN

An up-to-date installation of AMS-LaTeX is also required for certain
documentclass options. Version 2.0 or higher is needed. It is
available from <http://www.ams.org/tex/>.

Recommended styles and packages
With REVTeX implemented as a native LaTeX2e document class, users can 
take advantage of many of the well-supported LaTeX2e packages available.
Here are some that are particularly useful and recommended.

longtable.sty for tables running to multiple pages - part of a
standard LaTeX2e distribution.

hyperref.sty for hyperlinking - should work well with REVTeX 4.1.

graphics.sty and graphicx.sty for figure inclusion - part of LaTeX2e's
standard distribution.

You already started the installation process by unzipping revtex4-1.zip.
As you will have seen, it created a directory revtex4.1 containing
this file README, the file DOWNLOAD, and the file revtex4-1-tds.zip, which
contains the bulk of the installation.

To install this software into a TDS-compliant TeX installation, like
TeX Live, working as root, issue a shell command like

  unzip revtex4-1-tds.zip -d /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/
where the destination for the unzipped files is, in this example, 
appropriate for a local modificaton of a sufficiently recent distribution
of TeX Live. You may of course choose a different destination depending 
on your particular requirements. 

After installation, files will be located as per the Manifest above.

Run the appropriate update command (mktexlsr, initexmf -u, etc.); under
TeX Live that would be (as root)

   mktexlsr /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local

Install required packages (AMS-LaTeX, natbib, textcase, and bm). 
Please consult the documentaton for your local TeX package for more information. 
MikTeX users should use a recent version (see http://miktex.org/) and consult
the documentation there. There are several steps you will have to do. Please
note that the steps given here may change with future versions of MikTeX, but
the basic steps should be quite similar.
  1) Create a texmf-local directory if needed. For example, you might create
     a directory such as C:\local\miktex\texmf-local.
  2) Tell MikTeX where your texmf-local directory is. Find the MikTeX Options
     window and look for the "Roots" tab. If your texmf-local directory
     is not listed, click "Add" and add it.
  3) Unzip the revtex4-1-tds.zip (part of the REVTeX distribtution) in your
     texmf-local directory.
  4) Update the "File Name Database (FNDB)." This step is essential and
     it registers all of the files in your texmf-local directory with MikTeX.
     Do this by clicking on "Refresh FNDB" in the General tab of the MikTeX
     Options window.
MikTex also comes with a package manager. This can be an easier way to maintain
the packages installed on your system. However, please note that the packages
available may not be the most current version of the packages.

David Carlisle created the first draft of REVTeX 4; Arthur Ogawa has 
supported the TeX development since. Patrick Daly was so kind as to 
incorporate needed changes into natbib and custom-bib. All worked under 
commission from the APS. Mark Doyle, APS Assistant Director, Journal
Information Systems coordinated the effort, which was partly underwritten
by the American Institute of Physics. The APS is the maintainer of REVTeX,
and all bugs are our responsibility. Please e-mail feedback to revtex@aps.org.

Backwards compatibility
The REVTeX 4.1 class file has been named revtex4-1.cls to distinguish it
from its predecessors. If the class file is copied to revtex4.cls,
files created with earlier versions of REVTeX 4 should still work.

LaTeX2e requirements
REVTeX 4 requires: 
LaTeX2e [1996/06/01],
natbib  [2009/11/07]

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (6.4M).

revtex4-1 – Styles for various Physics Journals

This is an old version of revtex, and is kept as a courtesy to users having difficulty with the incompatibility of that latest version.

Home pagehttps://journals.aps.org/revtex
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2009,2020 The American Physical Society
MaintainerMark Doyle
Frank Mittelbach
Phelype Oleinik
Arthur Ogawa (inactive)
Contained inTeX Live as revtex4-1
See alsorevtex
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