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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Project: langsci %% Author: Lan­guage Science Press (http://langsci-press.org) %% Date: 2019-03-31 11:11:11 UTC %% Pur­pose: pub­lish­ing boks with Lan­guage Science Press. %% Lan­guages: , tikz, eps %% Copy­right 2012- Lan­guage Science Press %% Li­cence: This work may be dis­tributed and/or mod­i­fied un­der the %% con­di­tions of the Project Public Li­cense, ei­ther ver­sion 1.3 %% of this li­cense or (at your op­tion) any later ver­sion. %% The lat­est ver­sion of this li­cense is in %% http://www.la­tex-project.org/lppl.txt %% and ver­sion 1.3 or later is part of all dis­tri­bu­tions of %% ver­sion 2005/12/01 or later. %% %% This work has the LPPL main­te­nance sta­tus main­tained'.%% %% The Cur­rent Main­tainer of this work is Se­bas­tian Nord­hoff. %% %% This work con­sists of the files %% - langsci­book.cls: class file %% - langsci-se­ries.def: meta­data for se­ries %% - bib style def­i­ni­tions langsci-uni­fied.bbx, langsci-uni­fied.cbx, %% - files for the lo­gos used in the text­book se­ries Text­books in Lan­guage Sciences: tbls-book.eps tbls-bulb.eps tbls-glass.eps tbls-law.eps %% - the file stor­agel­ogo.pdf as a dummy, to be re­placed with a file for the host­ing in­sti­tu­tion %% - a file ad­ver­tise­ment.tex added to the very last page in tikz %% - langsci-avm.sty type­set at­tribute-value ma­tri­ces %% - langsci-ba­sic.sty for com­mands re­quired by the stan­dard tem­plate %% - langsci-bidi.sty: bidi­rec­tional text %% - langsci-for­est-setup.sty: def­i­ni­tions for lin­guis­tic trees %% - langsci-gb4e.sty and langsci-cgloss.sty: type­set lin­guis­tic ex­am­ples %% - langsci-glyphs.sty: some workarounds for Lib­er­tine font lim­i­ta­tions %% - langsci-lgr.sty: short­cuts for the Leipzig Gloss­ing Rules %% - langsci-linguex.sty: a ver­sion of linguex which does not break gb4e %% - langsci-op­tional.sty: ad­di­tional use­ful com­mands %% - langsci-sub­parts.sty: adds an ad­di­tional sec­tion­ing level be­tween part and chap­ter %% - langsci-tbls.sty: macros for the text­book se­ries Text­books in Lan­guage Sciences %% - langsci-tex­tipa.sty: pro­vide some Uni­code re­place­ments for TIPA pho­netic com­mands %% - langsci-tikz.sty: pro­vide some cus­tom com­mands %% - langsci-tobi.sty: pro­vide com­mands for Tone and Break in­dices (ToBI)

%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Here you find files to pro­duce books for Lan­guage Science Press

The main file is the file langsci­book.cls. This de­fines the ba­sic struc­ture of the book. It makes ref­er­ence to the fol­low­ing aux­il­iary files:

langsci-series.def: metadata for series
langsci-basic.sty for commands required by the standard template
bib style definitions
eps files for the logos used in the textbook series Textbooks in Language Sciences
a file for an advertisement added to the very last page in tikz

The fol­low­ing op­tional pack­ages are also pro­vided, but have to be in­cluded man­u­ally if de­sired:

langsci-optional.sty: additional useful commands
langsci-gb4e.sty and langsci-cgloss.sty typeset linguistic examples
langsci-linguex.sty: a version of linguex which does not break gb4e
langsci-lgr.sty: the Leipzig glossing rule definitions
langsci-forest-setup.sty: definitions for linguistic trees
langsci-bidi.sty: bidirectional text
langsci-tbls.sty: macros for the textbook series Textbooks in Language Sciences
langsci-glyphs.sty: some shortcuts for font workarounds
langsci-subparts.sty: adds an additional sectioning level between part and chapter
langsci-avm.sty: attribute-value-matrices

Doc­u­men­ta­tion is found in the folder doc­u­men­ta­tion/.

The folder ex­am­ples/ con­tains sam­ple projects for the three use cases mono­graph, edited vol­ume, and pa­per in edited vol­ume.

For more in­for­ma­tion, visit url{http://www.langsci-press.org}.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (337.5k).

langsci – Type­set books for pub­li­ca­tion with Lan­guage Science Press

This pack­ages al­lows you to type­set mono­graphs and edited vol­umes for pub­li­ca­tion with Lan­guage Science Press (http://www.langsci-press.org).

It in­cludes all nec­es­sary files for ti­tle pages, front­mat­ter, main con­tent, list of ref­er­ences and in­dexes. Dust jack­ets for BoD and Creates­pace (print-on-de­mand ser­vice providers) can also be pro­duced.

Home pagehttp://www.langsci-press.org
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Ver­sion 2019-03-31
Li­censesThe Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2012–2019 Lan­guage Science Press
Main­tainerSe­bas­tian Nord­hoff
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