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This is the README file for the Interpreter package.
Author: Paul Isambert.
E-mail: zappathustra AT free DOT fr
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Date: June 2012.
Version: 1.2.

Interpreter preprocesses input files on the fly (no external program) and
manipulates input lines, e.g. to turn some markup into proper TeX syntax.
Interpreter doesn't work with ConTeXt.

LuaTeX is required, and the Lua side of the Gates package (i.e.  gates.lua),
version at least 0.2.

Relevant information can be found in interpreter-doc.pdf
or interpreter-doc.txt (source of the doc readable in a text editor).

The files in this distribution are:

interpreter.lua     - main code
interpreter.tex     - \input in plain TeX
interpreter.sty     - wrapper for LaTeX
interpreter-doc.tex - master file for the doc
interpreter-doc.txt - text of the doc
interpreter-doc.pdf - typeset doc
i-doc.lua           - interpretation for the doc (because, of course, the doc
                      is typeset with Interpreter)

Licensing of this package is covered by LPPL.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (126.5k).

in­ter­preter – Trans­late in­put files on the fly

The pack­age pre­pro­cesses in­put files to a Lua run, on the fly.

The user de­fines Lua reg­u­lar ex­pres­sions to search for pat­terns and mod­ify in­put lines (or en­tire para­graphs) ac­cord­ingly, be­fore reads the ma­te­rial. In this way, doc­u­ments may be pre­pared in a non- lan­guage (e.g., some lightweight markup lan­guage) and turned into ‘proper’ for pro­cess­ing.

The source of the doc­u­men­ta­tion is typed in such a lightweight lan­guage and is thus eas­ily read­able in a text ed­i­tor (the PDF file is also avail­able, of course); the trans­for­ma­tion to syn­tax via In­ter­preter's func­tions is ex­plained in the doc­u­men­ta­tion it­self.

In­ter­preter is im­ple­mented us­ing the au­thor’s gates (lua ver­sion), and works for plain and , but not Cont.

Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainer Paul Isam­bert
Con­tained inTeX Live as in­ter­preter
MiKTeX as in­ter­preter
Topics sup­port for de­vel­op­ment of macros
Lua and pack­ages that re­quire it
im­port files in a non- (or dif­fer­ent ) for­mat
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