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Foreign import

This topic contains packages with import files in a non- (or different ) format.

Support ABC music notation in .
Notate tunes stored in ABC notation.
Convert chemical structures from ChemDraw, MDL molfile or SMILES using Open Babel.
Process reStructuredText with Cont.
Read and parse text tables.
Convert graphs generated by Graphviz to friendly formats.
Create graphs within using the dot2tex tool.
Faster and simpler writing of documents.
Convert EndNote files to .
Convert Excel spreadsheets to tables.
Get data from Excel files into .
Process XSL-FO.
Convert HTML to .
Translate input files on the fly.
Macros supporting Jade DSSSL output.
Include whole or partial Jupyter notebooks in documents.
Lua library for reading and serialising XML files.
Convert Mathsci database information to .
Convert VAXIMA output to code.
Convert chemical structures from MDL molfile format to chemfig source code.
Convert NotaBene4 to .
Read OpenDocument Spreadsheet documents as tables.
Support package for XML/SGML typesetting.
Make plain files able.
Convert from Runoff to .
Use Scientific Word/WorkPlace files with another .
Preprocessor for tabular environments.
A WordPerfect to translator.
Use MediaWiki commands.
Prepare from the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae.
Translate troff source to .
Convert text by fixing special chars and quote marks.
Add markup to plain text.
Typeset HTML directly from .
Preprocessor and macros for Vietnamese.
Use Wiki-style markup in a document.
A translator from MS Word to documents.
Convert /MSWord to .
Word 6 format converter.
XSLT to transform a WordML file to a source.
Convert WordPerfect documents to .
Typeset Shakespeare’s plays as marked up by Bosak.
Support for parsing XML documents.
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