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For­eign im­port

This topic con­tains pack­ages with im­port files in a non- (or dif­fer­ent ) for­mat.

Sup­port ABC mu­sic no­ta­tion in .
No­tate tunes stored in ABC no­ta­tion.
Pro­cess reStruc­turedText with Cont.
Read and parse text ta­bles.
Con­vert graphs gen­er­ated by Graphviz to friendly for­mats.
Create graphs within us­ing the dot2­tex tool.
Faster and sim­pler writ­ing of doc­u­ments.
Con­vert EndNote files to BibTeX.
Con­vert Ex­cel spread­sheets to ta­bles.
Get data from Ex­cel files into .
Pro­cess XSL-FO.
Con­vert HTML to .
Trans­late in­put files on the fly.
Macros sup­port­ing Jade DSSSL out­put.
Lua li­brary for read­ing and se­ri­al­is­ing XML files.
Con­vert Math­sci database in­for­ma­tion to BibTeX.
Con­vert VAXIMA out­put to code.
Con­vert chem­i­cal struc­tures from MDL molfile for­mat to chem­fig source code.
Con­vert No­taBene4 to .
Read OpenDoc­u­ment Spread­sheet doc­u­ments as ta­bles.
Sup­port pack­age for XML/SGML type­set­ting.
Make plain files able.
Con­vert from Runoff to .
Use Sci­en­tific Word/WorkPlace files with an­other .
Pre­pro­ces­sor for tab­u­lar en­vi­ron­ments.
A WordPer­fect to trans­la­tor.
Use Me­di­aWiki com­mands.
Pre­pare from the Th­e­saurus Lin­guae Grae­cae.
Trans­late troff source to .
Con­vert text by fix­ing spe­cial chars and quote marks.
Add markup to plain text.
Type­set HTML di­rectly from .
Pre­pro­ces­sor and macros for Viet­namese.
Use Wiki-style markup in a doc­u­ment.
A trans­la­tor from MS Word to doc­u­ments.
Con­vert /MSWord to .
Word 6 for­mat con­verter.
XSLT to trans­form a WordML file to a source.
Con­vert WordPer­fect doc­u­ments to .
Type­set Shake­speare‚Äôs plays as marked up by Bosak.
Sup­port for pars­ing XML doc­u­ments.
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