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Orig­i­nal Tabu README

tabu - Flex­i­ble tab­u­lars

tabu pro­vides a sin­gle en­vi­ron­ment: tabu de­signed to make all kind of tab­u­lars pro­vided that they do not split ac­cross pages.

tabu is based on ar­ray.sty and re­quires no other pack­age. tabu does not mod­ify ar­ray.sty nor the classes of to­kens.

Start­ing from ver­sion 1.5, longtabu is pro­vided: based on longtable, longtabu al­lows tab­u­lars to stretch out on sev­eral pages.

tabu can be used in place of tab­u­lar, tab­u­lar and tab­u­larx X columns in tabu can be spec­i­fied with a width co­ef­fi­cient the aligne­ment (l,r,c,j) the col­umn type (p,m,b) or even $.

tabu also works in math mode and its name re­mains tabu. tabu can con­tain any type of tab­u­lar, ar­ray, tab­u­larx tabu can be put in­side tab­u­lar, ar­ray, tab­u­larx, tab­u­lar

be­gin{tabu} is like tab­u­lar if the pream­ble has no X col­umn be­gin{tabu} to <di­men> spec­i­fies the tar­get width be­gin{tabu} spread <di­men> en­large the nat­u­ral width

tabu with X columns has a de­fault tar­get if not spec­i­fied (use­full for nested tabus + com­pat­i­bil­ity with line­goal)

tabu pro­vides fa­cil­i­ties to change the font and the align­ment in one row (row­font), save and re­store the pream­ble and the tab­u­lar pa­ram­e­ters (savetabu, usetabu, pream­ble).

tabu pro­vides other fa­cil­i­ties to align num­bers in X columns draw lines with color, dashed or even lead­ers. Those fa­cil­i­ties are pro­vided for con­ve­nience: they work as long as the tabu pream­ble does not con­tain "too spe­cial to­kens".

tabu has been tested suc­cess­fully with many pack­ages re­lated to tab­u­lars, cells, align­ment...

Emer­gency up­dates to the tabu pack­age

The orig­i­nal au­thor of tabu ap­pears out of con­tact, and tabu had not been up­dated for sev­eral years, fi­nally be­com­ing un­us­able in 2019 as up­dates to other pack­ages mean some of its patched code did not work as in­tended.

The pack­age is not be­ing ac­tively main­tained how­ever any ma­jor re­quired fixes may be re­ported to the https://github.com/tabu-fixed/tabu repos­i­tory and vol­un­teers there (cur­rently mem­bers of the 3 Team) will at­tempt to up­date the pack­age with any fixes re­quired.

Is­sues from Stack­ex­change

Fixed in re­lease 2.9





https://tex.stack­ex­change.com/ques­tions/430973/tabu-m-col­umn-ver­ti­cal-align­ment-not-work­ing-af­ter-pack­age-up­dates (Note that this is only a tem­po­rary fix re­vert­ing the change in ar­ray pack­age m col­umn im­ple­men­ta­tion. A more com­plete fix would be to adapt tabu code to the new ar­ray.)

Not yet han­dled


Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.6M).

tabu – Flex­i­ble tab­u­lars

The pack­age pro­vides an en­vi­ron­ment, tabu, which will make any sort of tab­u­lar (that doesn’t need to split across pages), and an en­vi­ron­ment longtabu which pro­vides the fa­cil­i­ties of tabu in a mod­i­fied longtable en­vi­ron­ment. (Note that this lat­ter of­fers an en­hance­ment of ltxtable.)

The pack­age re­quires the ar­ray pack­age, and needs e- to run (since ar­ray.sty is present in ev­ery con­form­ing dis­tri­bu­tion of , and since ev­ery pub­licly avail­able for­mat is built us­ing e-, the re­quire­ments are pro­vided by de­fault on any rea­son­able sys­tem). The pack­age also re­quires xcolor for coloured rules in ta­bles, and col­ortbl for coloured cells. The longtabu en­vi­ron­ment fur­ther re­quires that longtable be loaded. The pack­age it­self does not load any of these pack­ages for the user.

The tabu en­vi­ron­ment may be used in place of tab­u­lar, tab­u­lar* and tab­u­larx en­vi­ron­ments, as well as the ar­ray en­vi­ron­ment in maths mode. It over­loads tab­u­larx’s X-col­umn spec­i­fi­ca­tion, al­low­ing a width spec­i­fi­ca­tion, align­ment (l, r, c and j) and col­umn type in­di­ca­tion (p, m and b).

\be­gin{tabu} to <di­men> spec­i­fies a tar­get width, and \be­gin{tabu} spread <di­men> en­larges the en­vi­ron­ment’s “nat­u­ral” width.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/tabu-fixed/tabu/is­sues
Ver­sion2.9 2019-01-11
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