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The FONTTABLE package

The fonttable package enables you to print a table of the characters
in a font (a font table), and/or some example text, and/or individual
glyphs in a variety of settings.

This, in a package form, is a poor man's version of nfssfont.tex and

Change History

1.6c (2017/06/06) - Fix bug with fonts with `at' in their name
1.6b (2011/02/13) - Fix bug with Spanish babel
1.6  (2009/10/15)
- New spacing behaviour of the decimal numbers, courtesy Peter Wilson

1.5d (2009/09/22) - Fix the bug for real, this time
1.5c (2009/09/20) - Bug fix with \nodecimals
1.5b (2009/09/02) - New maintainer (Will Robertson)
1.51 (2009/05/14)
- Eliminated a clash with the babel package.
- Described how to avoid a clash with the mftinc package.

1.5  (2009/05/12) 
- Added code providing a packaged version of Donald Knuth's
  testfont.tex, principally as an aid for font designers in
  testing their font.

1.4  (2009/05/06) - Added a second method for specifying a font.
1.3c (2009/04/30) - Fixed a major bug relating to redefining \:
1.2  (2008/05/08) - Minor extensions providing more text examples
1.1  (2006/10/02) - Minor extensions providing more text examples
1.0a (2005/12/06) - Fixed bug preventing multiple unnumbered tables
1.0  (2005/11/27) - First public release


  Author: Peter Wilson (Herries Press)
  Maintainer: Will Robertson (will dot robertson at latex-project dot org)
  Copyright 2005--2009 Peter R. Wilson
  Copyright 2009--2011, 2017 Will Robertson

  This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
  conditions of the Latex Project Public License, either
  version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any
  later version: <http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt>

  This work has the LPPL maintenance status "maintained".
  The Current Maintainer of this work is Will Robertson.

  This work consists of the files:
   - README (this file)
   - fonttable.dtx
   - fonttable.ins
   - fonttable.pdf
  and the derived file
   - fonttable.sty


The distribution consists of the following files:

- README (this file)
- fonttable.dtx
- fonttable.ins
- fonttable.pdf

To install the package:

- To generate fonttable.sty run: 
    tex fonttable.ins
- Move fonttable.sty to a location where LaTeX will find it, for example:

To manually generate the manual, run:

    pdflatex fonttable.dtx
    makeindex -s gind.ist fonttable.idx # optional
    pdflatex fonttable.dtx


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (316.1k).

fonttable – Print font tables from a document

This is a package version of nfssfont.tex (part of the distribution); it enables you to print a table of the characters of a font and/or some text (for demonstration or testing purposes), from within a document. (Packages such as testfont and nfssfont.tex provide these facilities, but they run as interactive programs: the user is expected to type details of what is needed.)

Note that the package mftinc also has a \fonttable function; the documentation explains how avoid a clash with that package.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2009–2011, 2017 Will Robertson
MaintainerWill Robertson
Peter R. Wilson (inactive)
TDS archivefonttable.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as fonttable
MiKTeX as fonttable
TopicsFont development
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