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Vocal Tract Latex package
by Dr. Dimitrios Ververidis

The manuscript related to this package can be found on PRACTex journal 2012/1
URL: http://dw.tug.org/pracjourn/2012-1/ververidis/ververidis.pdf

Please cite as: 

 "Dimitrios Ververidis, Daniel Schneider, and Joachim Koehler, "The vocal tract LATEX package," PracTeX journal, no 1, 2012."

Package tested for Miktex 2.8 and 2.9 and Matlab 7.5 under Windows 
The software is licensed as FREE under APACHE 2.0 licence:

Using the package: 


1st Example - Simple Figure from Latex compiling

         Create a figure in PS or PDF by compiling with latex the file:

2nd Example - Animation from Latex compiling

        Create an animation in PDF by compiling with latex the file:


3rd Example - Simple Figure or Animation compiling from Matlab

        Create a simple Figure or Animation by compiling from Matlab the function
		>> vtMainVisual(VocalTractVecToTime, SWPDForBMP)
		1. "VocalTractVecToTime" is the CELL of vocal set up through time. See the codebook of german phonemes in the VocalTract.sty.
		For Example
			VocalTractVecToTime = ...                           
			{[ 0.5, -2,    1 ,     -2 ,    1,    -1  ,  0,   0,    0,    0],   'i'      ;   
			 [ 0.5, -2,    1 ,     -2 ,    0,     2  ,  0,   0,    0,    0],   'y(\"u)' ; 
			 [-1  , -1,    1 ,     -2 ,    1,    -0.5,  0,   0,    0,    0],   'e'      };
        2. "SWPDForBMP" is the string either 'bmp' or 'pdf' to define the output format.
			In case of 'bmp' the irfan view programm should be in current path.
			From IrfanView two files are needed to be in current directory
			1. "i_view32.exe" and 
			2. "/plugins/Postscript.dll"
			Free download IrfanView from Irfan Skiljan, E-Mail: irfanview@gmx.net, http://www.irfanview.com
4th Example - Animation compiling from Matlab with phonemes as an input
		Create a PDF by compiling from Matlab
        >> vtQueryVisual('zats') 


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (29.3k).

vocaltract – Visualise the vocal tract using and PSTricks

The package enables the user to visualise the vocal tract. The vocal tract (in the package) is manipulated by a vector of articulation parameters according to the S. Maeda model. Animation may be achieved by providing a sequence of vectors over time (e.g., from Matlab). A sequence of vectors for certain German phonemes is embedded in the package, which allows for animation when no other vector is available.

The package’s graphics are produced using pstricks.

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