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pst-moire v. 2.1


Source:      pst-moire.tex, pst-moire.sty, pst-moire.pro
Authors:     Jürgen Gilg, Manuel Luque, Jean-Michel Sarlat
Info:        Draw moire pattern with PSTricks
License:     LPPL 1.3c

Short description

The pst-moire package makes it possible to very simply create a variety of patterns obtained either by dragging one pattern on another, or by rotating one on the other. Moire effects sometimes look very interesting. This document provides the necessary commands and divers examples.


The documentation is better structured and there were added some more explanations for each type of moiré

The type=circle gets two new keys to be more flexible:

n     Number of circles
T     Distance between two adjacent circles in mm

The key Rmax is therefore out of effect. The image width/height is now calculated by n x T.

Scaling can be done by setting the usual PSTricks key unit=.

The type=linear gets two new keys to be more flexible:

n     Number of the lines -1
T     Distance between the middle two adjacent lines in mm

The key 2 * Rmax is the height of the lines. The image width is now calculated by n x T.

Adding a new command \addtomoirelisttype

This is to generate customers patterns to then be used as type=...

Adding a new section: Random moirés

Showing the effects that occur, when randomly placed dots within a square overlap by the actions rotation or magnification or both of them.

Adding a new command \psRandomDot

Adding a new section: Glass-patterns

Adding a new command \psGlassPattern


Adding a new command \psRandomDotPatterns

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (8.1M).

pst-moire – A PSTricks package to draw moiré patterns

This is a PSTricks package to draw moiré patterns.

Version2.1 2018-11-22
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
MaintainerJürgen Gilg
Manuel Luque
Jean-Michel Sarlat
Contained inTeX Live as pst-moire
MiKTeX as pst-moire
TopicsGraphics use
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