CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Manuel Luque

Simulation of modulation and demodulation
A PSTricks related package which draws an antiprism
Plot calendars in "fancy" ways
CIE color space
Draw implicit functions using the “marching squares” algorithm
Print diffraction patterns from various apertures
Draw electric field and equipotential lines with PSTricks
Draw "funny" objects with PSTricks
Geographical Projections
Draw objects for Chemistry laboratories
Lenses with PSTricks
Plotting a magnetic field with PSTricks
A PSTricks package to draw marble-like patterns
Images on a spherical mirror
A PSTricks package to draw moiré patterns
Drawing optics diagrams
Oscgons with PSTricks
Platonic solids in PSTricks
Draw three-dimensional ribbons
Plotting sea shells
Plot the solar system for a specific date
Draw perspective views of 3D solids
Drawing a fidget spinner
Drawing hypotrochoids as with a spirograph
Civil engineering diagrams, using PSTricks
Drawing very thick lines and curves
Draw perspective views of three dimensional objects
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