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ipaex-type1 PACKAGE

This pack­age con­tains the IPAex Fonts con­verted into Uni­code sub­fonts in Type1 for­mat, which is most suit­able for use with the CJK pack­age. Font con­ver­sion was done with ttf2pt1.


Place the files in the pack­age as fol­lows:

  • tfm/*.tfm → $TEXMF/fonts/tfm/pub­lic/ipaex-type1/
    • type1/*.pfb → $TEXMF/fonts/type1/pub­lic/ipaex-type1/
    • enc/*.enc → $TEXMF/fonts/enc/dvips/ipaex-type1/
    • ipaex-type1.map → $TEXMF/fonts/map/dvips/ipaex-type1/
    • *.sty → $TEXMF/tex/la­tex/ipaex-type1/
    • *.fd, *.fdx → $TEXMF/tex/la­tex/ipaex-type1/

After that, in­voke up­dmap as usual.

updmap --enable Map ipaex-type1.map

Usage in

After in­stal­la­tion, you can use the fol­low­ing two font fam­i­lies,

  • ipxm = IPAexMin­cho
    • ipxg = IPAexGothic

in the fol­low­ing en­cod­ings:

  • OT1 / T1 / TS1 / LY1 en­cod­ings
    • UTF8 en­cod­ing of the CJK pack­age (in­ter­nally called C70)

An ex­am­ple of us­ing an al­pha­betic en­cod­ing.

\textsf{Test}\quad Hello, {\TeX} world!

An ex­am­ple of us­ing the CJK pack­age.

% encoded in UTF-8

In ad­di­tion, the ipaex-type1 bun­dle of ver­sion 0.4 or later pro­vides a pack­age (also called “ipaex-type1”) which en­ables users to use the fonts more eas­ily.


This pack­age is dis­tributed un­der the “IPA Font Li­cense Agree­ment v1.0” (see the file named LICENSE for de­tail).

Copy­right 2003-2015 In­for­ma­tion-tech­nol­ogy Pro­mo­tion Agency, Ja­pan (IPA) Copy­right 2013-2018 Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")

ipaex-type1 Pack­age


There are no pack­age op­tions avail­able.



The de­scrip­tion as­sumes that the CJK pack­age is em­ployed.

  • \ipxmfamily/\ipxgfamily: Changes both the CJK and non-CJK fam­i­lies to ipxm/ipxg.
    • \textipxm{<text>}/\textipxg{<text>}: The text-com­mand ver­sion of the above.
    • \CJKipxmfamily/\CJKipxgfamily: Changes only the CJK fam­ily to ipxm/ipxg. (It is the same as \CJKfamily{ipxm} etc.)
    • \textCJKipxm{<text>}/\textCJKipxg{<text>}: The text-com­mand ver­sion of the above.
    • \ipxmsymbol{<Unicode-point>}/\ipxgsymbol{<Unicode-point>}: Prints a CJK char­ac­ter with the given Uni­code point us­ing CJK fam­ily ipxm/ipxg. For ex­am­ple, \ipxmsymbol{"2603} has the same ef­fect as {\CJKfamily{ipxm}\Unicode{"26}{"03}}.

When the CJK pack­age is not loaded, or the com­mands are in­voked out­side CJK(*) en­vi­ron­ments, the ef­fect on CJK fam­i­lies are gen­er­ally omit­ted. Namely, \ipxmfamily will change the (sole, non-CJK) fam­ily to ipxm, and \CJKipxgfamily will do noth­ing. There are how­ever some ex­cep­tions to the gen­eral rule, which are de­scribed in the fol­low­ing sub­sec­tions.

\textCJKipxm/\textCJKipxg com­mands

When the CJK pack­age is loaded and \textCJKipxm is in­voked out­side CJK en­vi­ron­ments, then the ar­gu­ment text will be au­to­mat­i­cally placed in a tem­po­rary CJK* en­vi­ron­ment. The ex­am­ple:

Japan (\textCJKipxm{日本})

has the same ef­fect as:

Japan (\begin{CJK*}{UTF8}{ipxm}日本\end{CJK*})

\ipxmsymbol/\ipxgsymbol com­mands

Th­ese two com­mands can be used out­side CJK en­vi­ron­ments and even with­out the CJK pack­age. In that case, the CJK char­ac­ters are treated like sym­bol char­ac­ters. For ex­am­ple, if you need only to write a sin­gle Ja­panese word “日本” in your doc­u­ment, then you can dis­pense with the CJK pack­age and write as fol­lows:

Japan (\ipxmsymbol{"65E5}\ipxmsymbol{"672C})

Re­vi­sion His­tory

  • Ver­sion 0.5 ‹2018/05/05›
    • Sup­port for LY1 en­cod­ing.
    • Ver­sion 0.4b ‹2018/04/20›
      • The font map is made to em­ploy enc files.
        • Bug fix of ipaex-type1.sty.
    • Ver­sion 0.4a ‹2016/10/20›
      • Bug fix.
    • Ver­sion 0.4 ‹2016/10/01›
      • Con­verted from the ver­sion 003.01 of the IPAex Fonts.
        • Sup­ported non-BMP char­ac­ters.
        • Pro­vided a pack­age.
    • Ver­sion 0.3b ‹2013/10/11›
      • Doc­u­ment cor­rec­tion.
    • Ver­sion 0.3a ‹2013/05/18›
      • (ex­per­i­men­tal) Set off­set in ver­ti­cal writ­ing.
    • Ver­sion 0.3 ‹2013/05/08›
      • (ex­per­i­men­tal) Sup­ported ver­ti­cal writ­ing.
    • Ver­sion 0.2a ‹2013/04/22›
      • Fixed spac­ing in some TFMs in OT1/T1/TS1 en­cod­ings.
    • Ver­sion 0.2 ‹2013/04/21›
      • First pub­lic ver­sion.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR") https://github.com/zr-tex8r

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (14.5M).

ipaex-type1 – IPAex fonts con­verted to Type-1 for­mat Uni­code sub­fonts

The pack­age con­tains the IPAex Fonts con­verted into Uni­code sub­fonts in Type1 for­mat, which is most suit­able for use with the CJK pack­age.

Font con­ver­sion was done with ttf2pt1.

Ver­sion0.5 2018-05-05
Li­censesFree li­cense not oth­er­wise listed
Copy­right2003–2015 In­for­ma­tion-tech­nol­ogy Pro­mo­tion Agency, Ja­pan (IPA)
2013–2018 Takayuki YATO
Main­tainerTakayuki Yato
Con­tained inTeX Live as ipaex-type1
MiKTeX as ipaex-type1
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