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yinit font

Old German decorative capital letters (only)

Version: 2019-01-24
Public Domain

Created by Yannis Haralambous ca. 1994 as Metafont font.

The yinit.pdf font chart was created by running (more or less):
  mf '\mode:=ljfour;input yinit' && gftopk yinit.600pk
  echo '\table\end' | tex testfont
  dvips testfont && ps2pdf testfont.ps yinit.pdf
There is no other documentation (available or needed).

Historical note 1: Andreas Schrell made a modified driver file,
yinitas.mf, and a LaTeX file initials.sty.  These are now available on
CTAN separate from this directory (they used to be merged together).

Historical note 2: since inception, TeX Live contained a stub driver
file, yinitdd.mf, which merely generated the letter D.  At Yannis'
suggestion, it has now been removed.

Historical note 3: yinit was re-uploaded to CTAN in January 2015 by
Karl Berry, including this README, after discussions with Yannis about
the license and other points above.  No changes to the actual font,
either metrics or glyphs, but because of the license clarification,
the release date/version is explicitly mentioned above.

Changes after 2015


In agreement with Yannis Haralambous, the following changes were made
to allow using yinit fonts with dropcaps package. The changes are
- changing the font identifier to YINIT from CMR
- changing the font size to the correct value instead of 10pt#

Development has moved to Github: https://github.com/TeX-Live/yinit

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (157.1k).

yinit – Old German decorative initials

A font of initial letters, supplied as source in OT1 encoding only.

LicensesPublic Domain Software
MaintainerYannis Haralambous
Contained inTeX Live as gothic
MiKTeX as yinit
TopicsMF Font
Gothic Font
Decor Font
See alsoyfonts
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