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Font Boisik is a serifed font (inspired by Baskerville typeface) written in
Metafont. It comprises roman and italic text fonts and math text fonts.

Font is licensed under GPL version 2. Font is in development and its application
is not recommended in instances, where stability of typesetting is important.
The font is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. 

For more info see homepage http://mitek.webpark.cz/boisik.

LaTeX: \usepackage{boisik}
(add option `czech' for IL2 encoding and/or `arrows' for additional arrows)
TeX: use font directly, e.g. \font\rm bskr10

1) put *.mf files to directory used by Metafont,
   e.g. /usr/share/temxf/fonts/source/public/boisik,
2) put LaTeX files (boisik.sty, *.fd) to directory used by LaTeX,
   e.g. /usr/share/temxf/tex/latex/boisik,
3) rebuild database if needed (e.g. texhash).

Homepage: http://mitek.webpark.cz/boisik
Email: mitek at email dot cz (add text `[BSK]' to subject)

Basic fonts
Roman:  bskr10, bskrb10
Italic: bski10, bskib10 
Math:   bskmi10, bsksy10, bskex10, bskms10, bskma10

When you encounter "strange path" or "paths don't intersect" errors, try
higher resolution (e.g. dvips -mode supre -D 2400 test.dvi). 


Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.4M).

boisik – A font in­spired by Baskerville de­sign

Boisik is a serif font set (in­spired by the Baskerville type­face), writ­ten in . The set com­prises ro­man and italic text fonts and maths fonts.

sup­port is of­fered for use with OT1, IL2 and OM* en­cod­ings.

Li­cense GNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense, ver­sion 2
Main­tainer Mitek
Con­tained inTeX Live as boisik
MiKTeX as boisik
Topics fonts dis­tributed as source
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