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jpgfdraw – Vector graphics application for users

Jpgf­draw is a graph­ics ap­pli­ca­tion (“Java PGF draw­ing”), which is tai­lored for out­put to pgf; it can out­put code to:

  • Con­struct shapes us­ing lines, moves and cu­bic Bezier seg­ments;
  • Edit shapes by chang­ing the defin­ing con­trol points;
  • In­cor­po­rate text and bitmap im­ages (for an­no­ta­tion and back­ground ef­fects);
  • Pro­vide pa­ram­e­ters for ’s \par­shape com­mand and for \shapepar (de­fined in the shapepar pack­age);
  • Con­struct frames for use with the flowfram pack­age;
  • In­cor­po­rate text and bitmap im­ages (for an­no­ta­tion and back­ground ef­fects).
  • Al­ter­na­tive text may be spec­i­fied for use when ex­port­ing to a file (e.g. if the text con­tains sym­bols or if it should be set in maths mode).
  • Map­pings may be used to spec­ify what font dec­la­ra­tions should be used when ex­port­ing to a file.

Pic­tures may be saved in Jpgf­draw’s na­tive bi­nary for­mat (JDR) or na­tive ascii for­mat (AJR) or may be ex­ported as:

  • a pgf­pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment for use in doc­u­ments us­ing the pgf pack­age;
  • a sin­gle-page doc­u­ment (in­clud­ing the pic­ture code);
  • a doc­u­ment based on the flowfram pack­age;
  • an en­cap­su­lated PostScript file;
  • a PNG im­age file; or
  • an SVG im­age file.

Note: The ap­pli­ca­tion has been re­named re­cently (i.e.: as of May 2019) to flowframtk, to em­pha­size its con­nec­tion with the flowfram pack­age. The next up­date will be stored on CTAN un­der this new name.

Home pagehttps://www.dicki­maw-books.com/soft­ware/flowframtk/
Li­censesGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerNi­cola Tal­bot
TopicsGraph­ics prep

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