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Apostolos Syropoulos

Multiple choice questionnaires in two column tables
A collection of archaic fonts
A font to typeset maths in and Lua
Use the ASCII “font” in
Babel support for the Greek language and script
Biber binaries for Solaris
A style for Greek documents
Complete set of Greek fonts
package for the English raised decimal point
Mathematics in Greek texts
Typesetting the Epi-Olmec Language
An OpenType Greek calligraphy font
Greek encoding support for inputenc
Makeindex working with Greek
Ancient Greek (Athenian) numbers
Typeset Greek text with Times New Roman Greek
Typesetting Greek verbatim
Typeset bibliographies which include Greek
Linear A script fonts
A Perl filter program for use with PiCTeX
Create Adobe Type 3 fonts
Multiple bibliographies
Support for the Cherokee language
Support for the Inuktitut Language
Disk of Phaistos font
A font to typeset the Philokalia Books
Document Rubik cube configurations and rotation sequences
Typeset Rubik cubes and move notation
Processes a sequence of Rubik rotations
Typeset Rubik TwoCubes and move notation
Typeset Icelandic staves and runic letters
A font with symbols for use in physics texts
Fonts to typeset with the xgreek package
An extension of package changebar that can be used with XeLaTeX
Basic support for the typesetting of Cyrillic Mongolian documents using (Xe|Lua)
Use the soul package with XeLaTeX
Spot colours support for XeLaTeX
Hyphenation for different variants of Greek, under
Greek Language Support for XeLaTeX and Lua
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