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TOC etc

This topic con­tains pack­ages to deal with Tables of Con­tents, and of other such things.

Ta­ble of con­tents in Plain
“Con­trols in Con­tents” for the cy­ber pack­age
Com­pletely cus­tomis­able TOCs
Pro­vide a list of an­swers to math­e­mat­i­cal prob­lems
Create and ma­nip­u­late lists of sym­bols
Macros to pro­duce a ta­ble of con­tents
De­fines a mech­a­nism for pro­duc­ing a list of sym­bols
Pro­duce a ta­ble of con­tents for each chap­ter, part or sec­tion
Set ta­ble of con­tents in mul­ti­ple columns
Ta­ble of con­tents with dif­fer­ent depths
Create listof­fig­ures etc. in a sin­gle chap­ter
Tag­ging ta­bles of con­tents
Al­ter­na­tive head­ings for toc/lof/lot
Ta­ble of con­tents macros for Plain
Man­age­ment of ta­bles/lists of con­tents (and the like)
Add bib­li­og­ra­phy/in­dex/con­tents to Ta­ble of Con­tents
Adds names to chap­ters, sec­tions, fig­ures in the TOC and LOF
Con­trol ta­ble of con­tents, fig­ures, etc
De­fine style of Ta­ble of con­tents (etc) files
Sec­tion num­ber­ing and ta­ble of con­tents con­trol
Plain ta­ble of con­tents macros
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