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Maths theorem

This topic contains packages to typeset mathematical theorems.

Typesetting theorems (AMS style).
Simple line breaking of long formulae.
A colourful boxed theorem environment.
Reference items in a theorem environment.
Initializing and configuring theorem-like environments, with multilingual support.
A mathematical paper template.
Another theorem environment.
Make commands to define proofs.
Obsolete version of ntheorem.
Enhanced theorem environment.
Goodies for theorems and proofs.
Repetition of theorem environments.
Use a roman font for theorem statements.
Theorem environments that are shaded.
Typeset matrices and arrays with spaces and semicolons as delimiters.
Manipulate theorem environments.
References with automatic theorem names.
Decorate theorem statements.
A package for adding theorem environments quickly.
Extensions to theorem environments.
Theorems, lemmas, etc., in appendix.
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