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This topic contains packages only known to work with 2.09.

ACM document style.
Style option for ACM proceedings.
An algorithm package developed for 2.09.
2.09 support for Advances in Control Systems.
A "book" style for Addison-Wesley house style.
Line numbering in 2.09.
A package for bar charts in .
2.08 style for MIL STD 490 documents.
Access bold computer modern sans in 2.09.
Access bold computer modern slanted in 2.09.
Produce papers for Computers and Electronics in Agriculture.
Provides basic 2.09 font access to the Washington cyrillic fonts.
Print envelopes.
Obsolete graphics inclusion macros.
An option for article style to make slides.
Customisation for Esperanto.
Process exam questions and answers ( 2.09).
Deprecated: Allows text to be wrapped around figures.
Macros used in typesetting a geometry book.
Articles for the journal Geophysics.
A semi-automated approach to the production of resumes.
International Journal of Control style.
Access italic computer modern sans in 2.09.
A document style for ISO standards.
An obsolete means to use ISO 8859-1 with .
Produce page-per-day calendars.
List names of labels in a document.
Los Alamos letter style.
Memo style as used at Los Alamos.
Use AMS fonts as standard 2.09 fonts.
Macros for Springer books.
2.09 style for LMS journals.
Round-cornered framed boxes.
Make an existing command robust.
Man pages in .
A document style for manuals.
Typeset the logo under 2.09.
Page frames, grids, etc., for 2.09.
Drawing pictures using PostScript specials.
Typeset schedules.
Scale text to make it fit a given width.
A 2.09 article style with an sf switch.
A set of definitions for Unix system documentation.
Rotated floats for 2.09.
Slanted emphasis in 2.09.
Choose an "adjacent" size in .
Support for Systems and Control Letters.
output in three columns.
A Curriculum Vitae style.
Define commands with optional arguments.
A 2.09 document style with 7pt, 8pt and 9pt options.
Typeset Z specifications.
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