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This topic contains packages to typeset chapter, section, etc., heading styles.

Alphanumeric section numbering.
Sectioning commands for jura.
Make chapters be typeset like sections.
Extra control of appendices.
Double-ruled chapter heading style.
Change the Bibliography/References title.
Context sensitive outline elements.
Add a Navigation Path to the page header.
Chapters with quotations.
Seven predefined chapter heading styles.
Indent first paragraph after section header.
Relative section headings for modular documents.
A re-implementation of sections, captions and tocs.
Prevent trouble from citations in table of contents, etc.
Change section levels easily.
Decorative chapter headings.
Section numbers with trailing dots.
A macro to format section numbering intuitively.
Modifying section commands in .
support for section breaks.
Control sectional headers.
Redefines \thepart to be used in Roman lettered Serbian.
Makes appearance of standard styles more "sober".
Sans headers in book style.
Define sectioning commands identical to the standard classes.
Format chapters with a texi-like format.
Select alternative section titles.
Section numbering and table of contents control.
An un-numbered top level section.
A package for creating tramlines (lines above and below a title used by lawyers in the UK).
Unofficial letterhead template for the University of Amsterdam.
A simple package for controlling headings.
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