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CALS tables

The "cals" package is a set of macros to typeset multipage tables
with repeatable headers and footers, with cells spanned over
rows and columns. Decorations are supported: padding, background
color, width of separation rules. The code is compatible with
multicol and bidi.

The work is released to public (LaTeX license, see below)
by bitplant.de GmbH, a company which provides technical
documentation services to industry.


  This file.

cals.pdf, tb101parashchenko.pdf, notes.pdf:

  The source code of the package. To generate cals.sty:
  $ cd cals
  $ latex cals.ins

  The file "demo.pdf", produced from "demo.tex" and several
  include files, demonstrates features of the cals package.
  To re-generate demo.pdf, after you got cals.ins:
  $ ln -s ../dev/cals.sty
  $ pdflatex demo.tex
  $ xelatex bididemo.tex

  Unit tests. See "README" inside.

Copyright (C) 2010 by Oleg Parashchenko <olpa uucode com>

Files from this pacjage may be distributed and/or modified under the
conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either version 1.3c
of this license or (at your option) any later version.
The latest version of this license is in:


and version 1.3c or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX
version 2006/05/20 or later.


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (526.2k).

cals – Mul­ti­page ta­bles with wide range of fea­tures

The pack­age is a set of macros to type­set mul­ti­page ta­bles with re­peat­able head­ers and foot­ers, with cells spanned over rows and columns. Dec­o­ra­tions are sup­ported: padding, back­ground color, width of sep­a­ra­tion rules. The code is com­pat­i­ble with mul­ti­col and bidi.

Pack­age cals
Ver­sion 2.4.2
Li­cense The Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainer Oleg Parashchenko
Con­tained in TeX Live as cals
MiKTeX as cals
Topics Ta­ble
Ta­ble long
See also supertabular
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